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Initial Lessons

Authors as Rauchbach (1990), Schwartz and col. (1993) and Marquez Son (1993) apud Nadai (1995), suggests four objectives general, that must be adapted the reality of each group: 1.Manuteno of physical and mental well-being: through the maintenance of on physical capacities to the health, of the coordination, balance, rhythm relaxation; 2.Reeducao and improves of the performance in the execution of the daily activities: through the motor abilities; 3.Desenvolvimento of the autoconfiana and self-knowledge; to 4.Proporcionar the social conviviality. You swim (1995) affirms despite, the lessons can be planned dividing them in three parts: Initial part: general heating (cardio-respiratory and to articulate) and exercises of flexibility, with duration of 15 the 20 minutes; Main part: emphasis in the motor ability, using individual games, tricks in group or, being able themselves to work with located muscular exercises, duration of 20 the 25 minutes; Final part: to provide to maximum well-being and relaxation, with rhythmic, expressive activities, dances and relaxation, preferential in pairs or groups, with duration of 10 the 15 minutes. Whenever possible, use of conventional materials must be made, as: rope, ball, arc, baton, etc. and of the alternative materials, as: periodical, plastic bottle, etc.; therefore these materials assist to a bigger motivation in the lessons. So that if they can get resulted satisfactory, the lessons must at least be carried through three times per week, and the flexibility exercises are recommended that they are carried through daily. In if treating to the intensity of the lesson, Weineck (1991) comments that it must be of 40 50% of the maximum cardiac frequency, with light and moderate activities. Filed under: Carson Wen. Already Matsudo (1993) affirms that the lessons must last 45 minutes at least and in the maximum 60 minutes. How much to the Marquez cares Son (1993) it affirms that if it must be intent for brusque movements, maximum efforts of shortness and long duration.

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