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Marx Freedom

Karl Marx, through its ideals of fight in defense of the low classrooms, made great revolutions. Not only at its time, but he opened precedents for others great moments in history. Its performance, was destructive and constructive; destructive, in the measure where it proclaimed the death of the bourgeoisie, and constructive, a time that announced the victory of the proletariat. The scholastic, all conditioned the knowledge the test of the Bible, that is, all the teses and studies alone recognized as true if were approved by on authorities the church. Therefore each theory, thesis or argument would have to be refuted or defended for taken off arguments of the bible. In case that the author of the thesis were refuted could be called heretic, and knows, through the history, that many had died for defending its scientific ideas. this field. Modern education This brief one to look at for history, was capable to buy the religious oppression of the average age in relation to the scientific and philosophical development, with the freedom brought for the Renaissance and, later the fight of the classrooms through the marxism.

The received religious damage from the Renaissance is incalculable, however, the scientific development (in general way) it seems to compensate the lived espirital blackout all since then. It is undeniable the contributions of the rationalism, as not only historical landmark, but as beginning of a new age in the civilizations as general context. The modern education, in turn, possesss traces of the rationalism and marxism. same education of base and the superior is based on racionalistas principles. The basic form of education consists of the resume of the liberal arts, that is, to develop the art of being a free man. The question cousins is: ' ' what he is liberdade' '? The humanists argue this concept of freedom; in this way, freedom is the possibility given to the men through men and for natural ways.

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