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Mathematical Education

It takes that one that is worried in the form in which it teaches and it knows the mathematics in its way of being to have more a little of attention and care. The mathematics has its beauties, first because it obtains to explain the complex phenomena, beyond synthecizing the ideas complicated in something simpler. She is necessary to take the pupil to have a new to look at for the mathematics. Nike has firm opinions on the matter. The form of if teaching mathematics traditionally speaking certain absence is not worried about its history of formation and construction, having on what it is or on its to make. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Mathematics, look, beauties, attention and care.

The Mathematical Education is moving to the slow steps, but so that it has this such change in its education is necessary a series of necessities, as conscience, responsibility, the search of what to make to improve it, to use games in the classroom, the change of didactic books, to the technological apparatus and the formation of the educators. The mathematics is very important, therefore it obtains to also explain many things of the nature and of other sciences. If to analyze some sciences as Geography, Chemistry, the Medicine, the technological Physics, all possess the mathematics, is difficult to find a science that does not use mathematical knowledge. The professor can use some tools to make with that the mathematics if becomes each gostosa time of if learning, and making the pupil to look at the mathematics of a skill well more satisfactory. To be mathematics professor is if to worry as to teach, thus to know the mathematics it is basic to use methods that make with that it has a good income for the pupil, to help the pupil to know what the professor already knows is to have the domain of the area of the knowledge.

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