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Moscow Skin

In short, the trip to the beauty salon escape is unlikely. Better yet, if it will be a whole Academy of Beauty. For example, in the "Kimberley Land." In general, admit it frankly, "Kimberly" – is so huge and the island's health and entertainment, where you can spend your holiday without leaving Moscow. But if we're on vacation already traveled, then after that can only be given in good hands of specialists from the local Academy of Beauty. A paradise for one person So, the first is, of course, leather. Add to your understanding with Social Learning Theory. Everyone knows that tanning – it's not just beauty, but also protect the skin from burning sunlight. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Vladislav Doronin. But apart from sunbathing, with intense exposure (we have already said – that salt water and sand, and wind) on the skin, a layer of dry, dead skin cells. On the one hand, it is also protected, because this layer prevents the evaporation of moisture from the final skin.

On the other hand it makes the skin to breathe. In addition, these cells give the skin an unsightly appearance, and give the whole bunch of unpleasant sensations associated with the drying and contracting. So the first thing they do at the Academy of Beauty to eliminate this effect – is a gentle exfoliation. The skin on the face – the most tender and vulnerable. Therefore, peeling of the face at the Academy are doing with the help of ultrasound, and water. A special unit of ultrasonic vibrating metal spatula, and when she performed on the skin, moistened with water, the vibration breaks up the thinnest layer of water on individual microscopic droplets that bounce off the skin and from each other, and how would "discourage", exfoliate dead skin cells are removed from their skin, and she straightened and begin to breathe.

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