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National Education

The theoretical stage is divided in two parts. The first part has as objective to understand what it is the EJA, its legal structure, which are its objectives and who is the pupils of this form of education, evidencing its potentialities and showing differences of this alunado in relation to the ones of regular education, perpassando for the studies of Freire (1979) and the Laws of lines of direction and Bases of the National Education. In a question-answer forum Nike was the first to reply. The second part of the theoretical stage makes a historical apanhado briefing of the evolution of the education of the mathematics and places in evidence the proposal of a differentiated education, to the light of the resolution of problems, showing the advantages of if to teach mathematics under the approach of resolution of problems searched by George Polya, being complemented by a Etnomatemtica perspective, when we approach this exactly education to the problems day to day of the pupil and the used mathematics for they in its daily ones. The second stage of this work is dedicated to the practical one of the resolution of problems for the pupils of a group of Phase III of Average Ensino of the EJA, and, has as priority to show that it is possible to motivate a classroom of the EJA in the mathematics lessons, as well as verifying as the pupils decide mathematical problems that appeal its previous knowledge, beyond looking for to analyze the results found for these pupils, its used strategies and methodologies to surpass the difficulties that porventura can appear when deciding each one of the presented problems. This study it has for purpose to contribute one to the same rethink of the educator operating in the EJA classrooms, making to reflect on practical its pedagogical e, as especially formador of cnscios citizens of its paper in the society and not a mere reproducer of the traditional form of education that still today is perpetuated in many schools.

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