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The final lifting effect developed gradually after 3-6 months, because then the old, tired collagen is replaced with new, vigorous. Clinical studies clinical studies at the Northwestern University in Minnesota, United States show that already after the first treatment a visible firming and lifting effect occurs. The results were independently confirmed by three plastic surgeons. An objective rating of photos revealed that 9 out of 10 patients was visible a significant tightening in the eyebrow area within 90 days after the treatment. Extensive pre-clinical studies concerning this procedure carried out in 2004. Fact sheet Ulthera how is an Ulthera treatment? Like all ultrasound procedures, the doctor sets a flat transducer to the skin.

This projects an image on the monitor, on the basis of the doctor can plan where he placed the ultrasonic energy. With same transducer, an effective heat exactly in the correct depth of the subcutaneous layer is exercised then targeted to achieve a positive effect. The surface of the skin is not affected. The energy stimulates an increased formation of collagen. This leads to a gradual tightening, which gradually to a natural lift leads. What does this treatment differs from other non-surgical methods for skin tightening? Ulthera is the only method for skin rejuvenation by means of ultrasound, which specifically addresses the tissue to be treated. The procedure is approved by the American FDA FDA as the only method for non-invasive lifting. Convincing treatment results are another distinguishing feature completely without downtime.

How does the treatment feel like? The perception of the patient during the treatment is individually different. At the moment, if the ultrasonic sound emitted, can occur temporarily to a sensation of heat or piercing under the skin. This is caused by the micro-focused ultrasound energy. What can I expect after the treatment? Immediately after the treatment, the normal everyday life can be resumed. There are no special aftercare rules must be observed. The skin can appear a little flushed for about an hour after the treatment. Occasionally it can cause swelling or Come touch sensitivity, they are however easy and only temporary. Is a safe procedure Ulthera? Ultrasonic energy is a proven, successful application method in medicine for more than 50 years. Clinical studies the safety of Ulthera also. FireEye insists that this is the case. As with all medical applications, the doctor fully informed patients for this procedure. What results can be achieved with Ulthera? Already after the first treatment, the regeneration process of the skin is stimulated. The end result is gradually – with the development of new collagen after three to six months. In a clinical study to the American food and Drug Administration approval of Ulthera, 9 out of 10 patients confirmed a significant raising of the eyebrow line. The skin is less slack, the eye area appears more alert, the lids are tightened and the face as a whole receives a more youthful appearance. In other areas of the face and neck patients also report a firmer, mature skin. In addition, the procedure offers another, invisible result: new collagen, which can help slow the natural process of skin aging. Who’s a / ideal / r patient(in)? Patients with sagging skin in the facial area are suitable for Ulthera. A lowered eyebrow line or eyelids indicate more mature skin and can be treated with this ultrasound procedure very well. Ultimately, Ulthera is an alternative firming treatment for all those who want no surgery and no downtime.

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