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Plants Reproduce By Cuttings, Branches And Cuttings

The geraniums are noble plants and easily replicated, using a plant of the variety thought, I'll show you step by step this form of reproduction by cuttings, branches and cuttings. Many times it happens that we visit a park or garden of some friends, we see a plant that we liked and instinctively took a stick, then planted them in our house, and the reality is that many times we die, and that means that this variety does not turn the gore?, well be that if (but in very rare EXCEPTION) it is safer to be wrong at some point, and now try to show him where. just follow the instructions carefully, which are very simple but very important. First of all a rule of courtesy and good education will prevent us take our arms in secret, because this is not a crime, so if it is a public park that has a caregiver, we can say that we would love to take a twig of the plant in question, unless it is a very exotic and exclusive floor, hardly be denied, with the advantage that it cut us a course with scissors, or know that wedge boot without hurting the plant and that is good for you. Likewise if we are going to visit with family or friends and in your garden or pot we found a beautiful plant that we also want to have, let us ask a twig and perhaps even tell us that we have with her care. Remember to always ask for better than taking on the sly. sure it will give us something in good condition and additional information hacerca of care and needs of the plant in question. Learn to differentiate a stick, a slice and a cutting, learn how to reconecer knots and buds of a plant natural valves, and place where new branches and buds will be born, and of course the techniques to cut the correct size, the type of soil where plant and to improvise a micro gases, to protect our future plants. David G. DeWalt is full of insight into the issues. Of course all this to explain in detail Acon deed would be very long and end up lmuy complicated to understand because so many words and explanation, so I want to invite you to watch the video I made on this issue. See him and see how easy and simple is to multiply the plants in the garden, following the simple steps that will be in,.

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