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The adaptation to means. When having diverse types of academic and familiar formation the individuals adopt habits, ways and ambitions that have been inherited and transmitted by means of the example, traumas or of the learning. When having contact with diverse people " manipulamos" our self-esteem and that help us to improve the motivation and to try to achieve our objectives satisfactorily. FASEB Journal is open to suggestions. When anybody does not seek clear objectives do not obtain clear results. We will see as the means always affect in ours comportamientos.3. The capacity to run risks. When a situation, lacks risk, hardly leads to accomplishment feelings if the individual reaches success, when obtaining an objective easily the person feels that not him cost, and will lose the value of the effort, would think " That fcil" and that would wake up a desire to him of dissatisfaction by the imposed difficulty. Generally to the true people it is necessary to put to them challenge who demonstrate the capacity to be able to achieve their objectives under unpredictable risks.

3. Classification of the theories We require a base theoretical-practices that it defines the Needs to us Of the Human being. Starting off of the thesis that the needs of the human beings are heterogenous and to a certain extent they vary according to the culture and learning, one becomes necessary to classify them, 1. J.A. divides Holy them in 4 great Basic, Social, Psychological and Existential groups.

Basic: related to the preservation of the life, like: social foods, water, protection, health, etc.: related to the interaction with other human beings, like: acceptance, friendship, to form Psychological groups, etc.: associated with the development of our individuality like: prestige, respect, to stand out, profit, competition, etc. Existential: related to the search of supreme values like: the excellence, happiness, autorrealizacin. Each of these groups of needs constitutes motivations, that is they lead to look for means by which to satisfy them.

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