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Public Security

' ' The violence includes violence domestic, violence in the school, microincivilidades. Homicide is not alone. You may find that Levi’s can contribute to your knowledge. In Brazil Point the Point, appeared much domestic violence, between friends and in the school. Then, I nor find that it is a discrepancy. One is a subgroup of outra' '. What the research presented the two years this behind materialize if, the proper Secretariat of Public Security of Tocantins, of 2004 the 2008, the registered occurrences of crimes against the person, without death? what include attempt of homicide, assault and batteries and threat? , they had gone up of 721 to each 100 a thousand inhabitants for 778; the peak was in 2006 (853 occurrences). In the same period, the occurrences of larcenies? robberies, roberies, extortion and fraud? they had increased of 1.102 for 1.255 for 100 a thousand inhabitants.

Cases appear of extreme violence, in day 22 of August of 2011, had been imprisoned three defendant to kill a man, with requintes of cruelty. As the information the authors of the crime had cut off the hands, arms and the penis of the victim; later they had opened the body with knife, they remove the liver that was baked and a part was food for one of the authors. A young of 18 years was found in friday 19 of August of 2011, in squares 606 South of Palms, moored fire on the body, neighbors of the place one marries in construction had heard shouts, finding the absurd sena in the place. They are many recent cases of violence in the state, between the main occurrences this the robery the residences I deal, it of you surround electric he is extremely warm, it is part of the local architecture, as well as the insurances the residences are part of the budget of the population the expense with these and other item of security.

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