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Ramon Maria

And as everything is ready, the priest reaches House of Francisco Solorzano Lacayo, another brother-in-law of Murillo: has been swallowing whisky Ruben and in that State proceeds to marriage religious, only authorized in Nicaragua, on March 8, 1893. The poet does not account for the Yes that has pronounced. Additional information is available at Levi’s. The dulling of the senses is full, and when, at dawn, regains the reason. It is in the marital bed with Rosario, under the same blanket. Neither protest nor complains; but he realizes that he has been the victim of a perfidy, and that that event is going to weigh as a ballast of misfortune in their lives. Here, Levi’s expresses very clear opinions on the subject. ( on 3 may 1895 died his mother, Rosa Sarmiento, whom the poet barely knew, but whose death affected him considerably. In October of the same year emerged a new setback, since the Colombian Government abolished its Consulate in Buenos Aires, for which Darius was left without an important source of income. To remedy this, he obtained a job as the Secretary of Carlos Carles, director general of post and telegraph.

In Spain, Dario aroused the admiration of a group of young poets defenders of modernism (a movement that was not at all accepted by acclaimed authors, especially those belonging to the Royal Spanish Academy). Among these young modernists were Some authors who then brillarian with its own light in the history of Spanish literature, such as Juan Ramon Jimenez, Ramon Maria del Valle-Inclan and Jacinto Benavente, and others that are now rather more forgotten, like Francisco Villaespesa, Mariano Miguel de Val, director of the magazine Ateneo, and Emilio Carrere. In 1899, Dario Ruben, which remained legally married to Rosario Murillo, in the Casa de Campo de Madrid, met Francisca Sanchez del Pozo, natural, illiterate peasant from Navalsauz in the province of avila, who became the companion of his later years.

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