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Real Academia

Prepare a speech (Parliament, speech, summary) determined on that object. Its composition, use, function, advantages of its use etc if you have the ability to describe something in particular orally is only carried the role nobody is born knowing. Everything is learned and exercised over the years and that process is uninterrupted. Something essential. Keep your fingertips a dictionary that contains apart from the meaning of the words, antonyms and synonyms or each separately.If it is of the Real Academia de la Lengua, in book, better. Sometimes electronic translations are bad and confusing.

Don’t feel bad for this reason. Everybody does it. It is likely that someone has more ease of writing than others and which also have very active memory to remember a good number of equivalences for words or phrases. But the human brain is not a computer.The Einstein there every day. TIPS not 1 defines exactly the title of your writing or article. Let’s say that 95% of the attention of the reader at first is concentrated in the title. Determines the objective specific topic and take time to develop the title, with concise and some words of the message in general from your article.

Search for similarities in words or phrases of impact or that they exert influence with respect to others who do not. Not 2 TIPS summarizes and determines what they want to express in the first sentences of your writing. With the respective ID with the title. The only way you will keep the attention until the end of the article. No 3 TIPS write short paragraphs with certain messages. There is nothing less understandable and unpleasant than a writing that has no end and that the view is lost in wanting to continue reading. Not 4 TIPS using subtitles and sub-items with similarities with the title of your writing and using the same techniques of preparation that is concise, impressive, clear, relevant, unique and sets the difference from others.

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