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Representative Web Studio

Please note that all above and nizheskazannoe not speculation, but based on personal observation. Suppose you have booked a site after a while it starts working and it is quite natural after a while you want to update the information. Possible answers: You are trained site management, that is, add text, images. (Not the fact that once you succeed, and in any case will take a long time) And the new sections you are unlikely to be able to add their own, "samopisnye" engines, which was not a week, is a "computer pornography" in a bad sense of the word, in which the devil's head will break) you contact the developer company, say what you need and wait for the information will appear on the site. As a rule – it is separately paid service. Agree not very nice to be a trough for unscrupulous individuals. One of my friends when we were talking about work, complained that the self-updating content and the procedure is not very fast and pleasant, because everything is complicated! In addition, when required additional sections and headings, have to go to the desired company, and wait for you to take time. And while, as they say, money.

I asked how she came to these developers. The scheme is already known, I will not repeat. And now the questions to be asked Representative Web Studio, which you call: The most important thing – is the foundation, the foundation site. So you can own the full information about the control system, which will build your site. This is not a secret information and if it is indeed a professional studio, you will not only tell, but show as their own, without any special programming knowledge any employee can manage the site. Who developed content management system, within what time and how much programmers took and takes part in it. As of this point, I want to see what is really a quality product can not be be the result of 2.3 full-time programmers. What are its capabilities, security guarantees. This is a matter of how often the system is updated, improved code. 21 – this age of information technology and the web site should be fully consistent with the spirit of time. I hope the above will help you make the right choice! For all the questions to create a website, you can contact us directly.

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