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All good. At least it exists. It is of a machista romantismo, but he is romantic. These days I was reading a chronicle of the Jabor and it he said that the romantismo never existed, that it was invented by the poets of the century I do not remember, XIV? I cannot believe this. I see the love every day.

I live the love. I would kill and die for loved mine. Contact information is here: Kindle Direct Publishing. Love I it with a bigger intensity of what my life. I do not find the point thus so good for having invented a so pure feeling. The love could have another name before century XIV, but I am certain of that it existed. If you have read about Richard Linklater already – you may have come to the same conclusion. I feel homesicknesses of the Russian Renato singing that she is necessary to love the people as if it did not have tomorrow, that today the night does not have moonlight is breguinha but is pretty, I want to see a film, or to read a book that speaks of my situation, of a hot and happy life, surrounded of fight and crises and repleta of love. Therefore I always write books with happy end. I already arrived to all change the direction of a history alone so that the end was happy.

These days writing the text I Finish It Kiss, almost I had a nervous collapse because history did not finish well. There I wrote Return and the forces of the universe had come back to walk in peace. It is difficult for me to accept that the things always have that to give wrong. It does not have. The times Harry Potter can kill the Voldemort, the times the Rose can be with the Dimitri Belicov*, goes to see that the Small Prince did not die and alone came back toward its house, its small planet, where its pretty rose for the eternity lands on water. *Academia of Richele Vampires Mead

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