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Prepare your child for college at the North Star Academy of Minnesota.


On the one hand, he saw extremely poor people, marginalized and hurt that radioed the border daily in hopes of improving their situation, coming together with the movement Hippie who represented the counterculture of love and peace that was opposed to the war, materialism, dehumanization and the opulence of the Californian region since very young had the desire to embrace their spiritual being, but an internal vacuum caused by a materialistic society that lived precisely what He rejected being era. This led him to break from an early age in ways that give response to his transcendental identity. As he himself says, he ventured into the different alternatives in their teenage years had on hand, spent by Taoism, Catholicism, the Universal great brotherhood, the krisnas, Masons or Rosicrucians ente many others, always waiting to fill the existential void. But what ultimately experienced was more empty and the bitter experience of seeing how his friends remained mired in those pathways, without finding the desired response. He sought within academic, in programs offered by schools, reaching the conclusion that the spiritual path not I could learn there. School as presented, simply was not the place to develop internally. Neither the change of residence to Guadalajara, new schools, nor distractors that feed the senses, nor family, nor Church, gave him inner peace.

Only his readings about mysticism, perennial philosophy and the way of non-duality began to provide light. Allowed him to realize internal abandonment in which lived youth of his age, stuck in a school Dynamics without support or inner Guide, that reduced them to objects, as if they were parts of a gear. The encounter with the meditative practice within ZEN, gave him peace and equanimity, gave clarity to achieve internal order. He finally knew that what he wanted was a spiritual path out of duality. At age 17 he begins its formal practices of yoga and Buddhist meditation and along with his friends started an own, independent way based on the study and dialogue.

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