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School – Bridge From Yesterday To Today

Environment of the site significantly is the availability of information for school success In today virtually unlimited, hard to slow the flood of information. To have the risk of a glut of information to information pollution no longer by hand. In the last, this was different. Education was much more than an elicit today. There were no laptop, Wikipedia or databases, with which everyone almost any could get access to knowledge. In yesterday, especially since the years of the post-war period, you may have still insufficient attention location-related factors with views of education. If you look more closely, so less than often assumed has changed with today compared to yesterday, when it arrives on the environment and climate, the school takes place.

There, by the metre scientific studies that assure together always one: environment and climate for school and education time gene must be stimulating and supportive. Easily then speaking in theory, in practice all the more complicated. As an example for many others: Looking back on the City of Hanau to the post-war period. After the loss of part of its population, the city was probably glad about every newcomer, replacing losses from the war. The climate refugee was as uninhibited and open.

Integration difficulties? Nil! Yes Deutsche were Germans. The same life, same values, the same balance zero assets. Then the Americans: they belonged at that time to the self-evident city image. Example: the MOM deserving with not found wage and income in German but American authorities of the city. American soldiers gave the author his first bike and were invited without any shyness to Christmas Eve. Only downside: maybe you had some of his dental problems due to the sweet chewing gum later. In any case, those strangers have”greatly contributed to that in urban areas no stuffiness out of boredom and province spread out konnte.Vgl. It is not something two sigma would like to discuss. Becker, Jorg: there is a school in the Hanau country, ISBN 9783839199176. And last not least, the jazzende and rocking music scene of yesterday. This part of the urban environment for education and training time was creative. For school and training times an environment and climate, that could be conducive with its many facets. This so a breeding ground where at least in the past schools with humanistic background could develop well. Often apparent until later how important school for the later life were. Many of the points already in this time show later in what direction they actually ran. The viability and sustainability of what has been created once in school is important. The development on the information society not only provides partial changes, but already announces the future society. The strategic good knowledge”must be dealt with so both school and work hours responsibly. Jorg Becker (

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