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Are the rules at your school making you crazy? Compared with some schools, maybe you don t have it so bad. Are the rules at your school making you crazy? Compared with some schools, maybe you don’t have it so bad. A recent survey came up with 81 dumb schools rules, and here they are: 1. No. wearing chains on pants. I feel bad for the Goth, wave kinda. The reason this rule which made is someone got the chain on their pants caught on a rail and they fell off (the pants?) 2.

no running on the field of 3 No. of bringing lions to school. So you bring can elephants and tigers to school, but no lions? 4. No. dyed hair 5 No. ripped clothing 6 No. holes above the knee 7 No.

relationship stuff blood 8 all shirts must be at least t-shirts, and cannot go above the waistline. (damn) 9 No. pets throwing snow balls-10 No. 11 no. cameras 12 No. bathroom time 13 no drink time 14 No. pets in 16 no talking in class school running in the hall 15 No. 17 WALKERS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ENTER THE BUILDING UNTILL 7:30! 18 when your arms are at your side they can’t touch any skin 19 all cell phones/MP3 players should stay in your locker. If one goes off in class, you’ll never see it again. 20 No. running in the hall no. 21 cutting in line 22 no touching the computer in the principal’s office of 23 do not scrape the paint off the rails 24 don’t draw on the walls at the desks (gets ignored anyway) 25 no smoking (ignored rule) 26 No. drinking (i.e. ignored) 27 No. playing cards/gambling during class hours 28 No. using the computer without supervision of a teacher (like they’d supervise anyway) 29 No. picking of fruits on campus.

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