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Language Schools

England is the birthplace of the English language, and the United Kingdom the most chosen destination to learn English since it has the longest history in teaching of the language and a large number of specialized schools. 40% Of those who are studying in an English-speaking country travel to study at the language schools in England. Understood by England, Ireland of the North, Scotland, and Wales, you will find a large number of courses in English for students as well as a rich abundance in its history and culture to explore. The population of the United Kingdom is a little more than sixty million.By extension and population density, England becomes a country’s weight within the island it occupies, bounded to the North with a country charm and tradition as Scotland and to the West with the gentle and rural Wales. It is the birthplace of Newton, Darwin, Shakespeare and the famous Beatles. Cultural influences reach far beyond the shores of the British Isles by What take English classes in England? Study languages in another country supposed to learn as it has never done so. Be immersed in the culture, be carried away by the need to speak a new language, fear of shame, to feel like they appreciate your effort, meet people from all over the world, live experience to learn or improve a language in the specialized schools of English in England. See Chip Bergh for more details and insights. Groups are small (from 6 to 15 students maximum) guided by professors from experience in the field of education.

Where to study? There are many cities and each has its charm, some have beaches others of forests, mountains and even can which meets all of these features and a host of cultural activities or leisure. London: Is one of the most fascinating cities of the world, full of energy and with a myriad of things to do, learn and explore. City bringing everything together, where hard not to find what you are looking for and by its plurality invite you not only to Learn English, but to meet people from all over the world. Brighton: Is a charming town in the South of England, just 45 minutes from London by train. City coast young, fun, cultural atmosphere and with a multitude of things to do and discover. Oxford: The school is located in the Centre of the city, surrounded by historical buildings belonging to the University of Oxford as the worldwide well-known Balliol and Trinity Colleges. Oxford is a typically English campus.

Cambridge: One of the most famous University cities in the world. Its social and cultural life is very lively due to the large number of students living in it. It has a great social and cultural life lively due to the large number of universities and collages that there are in the city. Manchester: The capital of the North is one of the liveliest cities in England. Manchester was one of the first industrial cities in the world and currently boasts many quality attractions, some good shops and nightlife. Manchester is awash in very expensive buildings of glass and concrete interspersed amid its list of many listed properties and ancient architecture. Edinburgh: Scotland’s Capital. An exciting, cosmopolitan city offering many attractions for its visitors (including museums, art galleries and buildings of historical interest). Edinburgh is also the headquarters of the Edinburgh Festival and receives visits from thousands of people each year. Besides learning English you’ll explore these amazing cities.

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