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Moscow Russian

Musician worked for many years in Germany, led the music school in Kolyma. Professional high class possesses all the musical instruments. G. Protsenko instrumented executable singer songs for the orchestra of folk instruments. Its sounding, melodic instrumentation could not be noted on the Russian Festival folk songs and romances: they are not academic, and classical – they are unusual, unknown. After attending concerts Valentina Koshubaevoy, the audience gets what today so lacking in today's stage Russian pop: emotional revelation, natural feeling. Not long ago, the Moscow city government has invited the singer to take part in a traditional Day of Elderly People.

Among her famous songs performed and sounded romance "corner." After the concert, she was approached by one of the spectators. – You know, five years ago, I was resting in the south, in the Hot Key. In our sanatorium a singer singing my favorite song – "Corner". Terrific singing! And you – even better! That Romance in the resort town of Hot Key sang Valentine Koshubaeva. It turns out, this time the singer was singing better than herself? She tries to sing so that her manner of singing, her musical interpretation of design work, pledged its authors were able to awaken the listener. Touch his soul. B.

Koshubaevoy succeed. Because it has no money, scales of popularity. The greatest incentive for her, not only for professional singer, but as a woman – Love. To the family, to his son. Love and knowledge of male values in a highly spiritual understanding. All this is a harmony. Harmony of soul and heart. It helps to go further – to an endless world of art. In wonderful, exciting world of Russian romance.

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