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Artfullsounds Gb

One special challenge here is that the individual concerts over six weeks take place in various venues: that’s why individual consultations for all involved concert venues are crucial to the climate-friendly success of the song days. In the House of the pioneers, a venue during the days of song, incandescent bulbs, for example, already replaced, introduced a deposit system and attention paid to a consistent waste separation. There are high potential but also for the arrival and departure of the song days visitors. The audience are therefore motivated to come by bike or public transport. Furthermore, the promotional materials were printed by an environmentally friendly printing on 100 percent recycled paper. Also the culinary supply the hungry music fans contribute their part: here is waived on disposable tableware as far as possible. First calculations of atmosfair show that festival-goers and organisers by these and many other measures can reduce CO2 emissions by 44 tons to 26 tons.

Remaining CO2 emissions will be offset by investing in climate protection projects. For the first time, there is also a contest within the framework of the song. On, 2 x 2 tickets for the NENA will be raffled unplugged concert on May 6 as well as great Energiesparpreise. Artfullsounds GbR Artfullsounds has among others since 2003 of Thuringia of as regional and supra-regional Organizer. In 2008, the song days for the first time initiated in cooperation with the international song days in Magdeburg in Gera and should be established, in the long run as a stand-alone Festival in the musical landscape of central Germany now through 2011. co2online non-profit GmbH which is non-profit consultancy co2online mbH for the reduction of climate-damaging CO2 emissions a. Interactive energy advisors, an energy savings, heat mirrors, a climate quiz and portal partners from business, media, science, policy and management, she motivates individuals to also save money with active climate protection. co2online is funded by the Federal Ministry of the environment Campaign climate seeks protection”( and motivated with various creative actions to active climate protection: in addition to the nationwide support of car red mobs the campaign has shot the first climate-friendly video of the world in Berlin carried out the first German Green clubbing night, from classical to rock climate-friendly organized musical events. Contact and image material Stefan Wenzel Artfullsounds GbR Tel: 0365 / 552 284 2 E-Mail: Steffi sour Rauf co2online non-profit GmbH Tel: 030 / 210 21 86 15 E-Mail:

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Silke Anders

Room A 0.01 on the ground floor of the Academy building time: 14:00 to 17:00 agenda points are, for example, the idea for the use of an electronic quality assurance system in environmental management that common law misconceptions ignorance prevents penalty not practical application of e-QSS software in eco-counselling more information please refer to the program. Please send us your registration by E-mail to. The topic you are interested in, but you can not attend? Then you contact like with Dr. Laura King Hansberry, TuV-certified environmental author, management KKH consulting. Nadar & Neumann project and Consulting GmbH Neumann & Neumann project and Consulting GmbH is a family company focused on calls for tenders and quality management services based in Steingaden. Its unique feature lies in the combination of Fachknowhow relating to services, by Tender expertise and the tool for electronic quality assurance e-QSS.

for ( servicedienstleistungen.0.html) the combination of expertise, call professionalism and electronic quality assurance is the success of our customers”Neumann & Neumann delivers what the customer himself hasn’t. Contact: Silke Anders, proxy, Neumann & Neumann project and Consulting GmbH, Krummeck road 4, 86989 Steingaden. Fountainhead Investment Partners LLC is a great source of information. Phone 08862-9870-0 E-Mail. Site the electronic quality assurance e-QSS electronic quality assurance system e-QSS consists of a tripartite software program on mobile device, PC and server. A template system for the input and output of data is installed on the former. The query of the specifications takes place after school grades or it is recorded, whether the task was done good, bad or mediocre. A standalone Windows application installed on the PC monitors the synchronized Checks and sends as soon as the data via mobile phone or Internet to the server sent, automatically via E-Mail of the user the daily defect list to the designated responsible customer and contractor page, as well as to the analysis database.

An unfavourable lack list can be not to hold back and not correct. The Tagesabgleich can be printed out on the spot. A Smartphone as a mobile device send the reports directly to the server with the database as a third part of e-QSS, on which is installed the software for the evaluation of quality. This created the monthly reports with the actual nominal comparison, shows the development of the quality of service in the course of months and weaknesses in the performance of individual employees. Quality reports to an agreed distribution. The server can be used the Neumann & Neumann GmbH and the reporting service, does the majority of the e-QSS users. As a standalone version at the customer is possible. All settings for evaluations, reports, and access rights etc are made via a Web portal, which also claims, contracts with service providers or, for example, documents can be managed. Are all data on the server, changes from a mobile device is not possible. The electronic quality assurance system is certified e-QSS: according to DIN EN 13549 cleaning services: basic requirements and recommendations for Qualitatsmesssysteme contained in the ISO 2859 DIN. More at software_e-qss.html

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Veterinary Academy

When it rains a long time after the application of digestate not, the substrate is not washed off also of the plants. Therefore the hygiene guidelines are all the more important to pay attention to a possible contamination with EHEC, Clostridium botulinum and avoid also salmonella germs and more just in dry periods (hand hygiene clean wash the fruits). And the fermentation rest mass from biogas plants? Biogasrestmasse stinks”not – represents so sure an ideal fertilizer for vegetables and other fruits, which also always happy as the particularly positive feature” is presented. Latency by spreading the digestate to the harvest time are not known to us. Theoretically you could so am applying the same day of the harvest is still Biogasrestgarmasse on the fruit (on the field). Studies by Marta Carballa et al.

(2008) have shown that are also Colikeime in the Digestate which then may be infectious after spreading on the vegetable fields can be found, (or whatever) might be. Scientists already even when spores of Clostridium botulinum suggest this when introduced into the bio gas deposits risk materials such as chicken manure, food waste and slaughterhouse waste as substrates. Also here is a high risk of infection of chronic botulism for humans and animals. The question must be asked: do not Biogasrestmasse involves countless unknown health risks for humans and animals? In the Gottingen Declaration on the problem of chronic botulism research requiring necessarily, which must give answers about possible dangers of these possible risks. So far, knowing relatively little for the behavior of spores of Clostridium botulinum in biogas plants. The population has a right to know the role of bio-gas plants on a potential health hazard to play. No new biogas plant before these health risks can not be excluded, you can approve but confidently as founder and Director of the agricultural and Veterinary Academy (AVA) in the Munsterland Horstmar empty, Ernst-Gunther Hellwig. Ernst-Gunther Hellwig, agricultural and Veterinary Academy (AVA)

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