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EUSA University Campus

Our hotel chain has been awarded by the EUSA University Campus with its business innovation award, which will be delivered along with other winners in other categories, on the evening of tomorrow Wednesday, may 25, at an event open to the public in the campus facilities. These awards are framed within the EUSA business forum which closed its fifth edition held under the motto to expand horizons with the delivery of the same.Award of the EUSA University Campus to hotels MONTE these awards mean the recognition of the EUSA University Center to good professional practice, business, ideas and initiatives in the tourism sector. The EUSA business forum is an idea that was launched to take advantage of, put in value and thank to relations after 50 years of history, has developed this Center with its business and institutional environment. This idea materialized in a cycle of conferences and training workshops aimed to companies, professionals and students from the tourism sector, employment in this sector fair (Hall of tourist employment) and the awards ceremony. This event will be the presence of the delegate of tourism in Seville, Francisco Obregon. The EUSA University Campus is today one of the most modern educational environments existing in Andalusia. These four editions, the jury of these awards has been composed by the management team of EUSA and part of its faculty. Hotels MONTE very sincerely appreciates this distinction granted by an institution as related to the world of tourism such as the EUSA University Campus from these lines.

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Homeschool Education

Although the school is the option most common and accepted to provide education to the children, some parents we have considered other forms to replace the necessity to learn of our children. Next I mention my 7 reasons to educate small son in house, that go from the familiar organization to socialization aspects: 1. When the children are in house is more time to share in family. – This time is translated in shared activities, the possibility of traveling in scholastic season (with the corresponding saving of money), and long time to know us enters parents and children. If the problem of the present society is that the parents do not spend time with their children, the education in family can become partly of the solution to this problem.

2. The papas we benefitted from its learning. – Already a long time ago we left the school, but what as much we remembered the lessons? When taking the responsibility to educate our children we also assumed the challenge to educate to us same. The parents and children we can share sincere " not s" and to find out the together answers. To learn simple and complex things to the adult age is a privilege of few. For many it has meant an encounter with the taste to learn. 3. The children learn more express.

– The activities usually are concentrated in the interests of the children, and the attention is individualized. This makes agile the assimilation process enormously, since we have interested children and concentrates simultaneously. A point that in the school can delay 1 day or up to one week of repetition, in house can only take a pair from minutes. 4. The children socialize with people of diverse ages and social classes. – The children educated in house have the opportunity to socialize with people of different ages and socioeconomic layers.

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