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Orient Express

Station interesting, not a modern one, the station is a small museum 'Orient Express'. We went to the park Topkapi Palace, but decided that still did not have time to work around it to walk on the boat, put off the next day. We got to the Aya Sophia – the former patriarch of the Orthodox Cathedral, which was then rebuilt into a mosque. Now it has long been a museum. Cathedral affects the size and mosaics. We sat on the square between the cathedral and the Blue Mosque. Very cute, all the colors. Walked around the Blue Mosque, looked at the schedule.

Not at any time into it you can just enter. Hike into the postponed later. Already it was time to ship. Been there for about two hours. Very sincerely, look at the bridges across the Bosphorus.

At first worried that it is not time to take a seat at the board, but then they were freed because the weather was not hot, but blown away by boat, so all moved closer to the center, so that pofotkat still managed. In the summer, probably with a complicated. After boat ride back to the Blue Mosque. I did not expect that it will impress me so much. Inside, everything is very beautiful. And as far as I am far from Islam and religion in general, but inside the mosque is in a state full appeasement. So there is light and easy. People sit on the floor (carpet on the floor, be sure to take off one's shoes at the entrance), I think, read books. To me there was good, too, wanted to sit and think. Even a book has read in educational purposes. In the evening, yet managed to go to the Basilica Cistern. It seems that the time has already been closed, but it turned out that tickets are still selling. There is unusual. Cool and damp, but somehow fabulously. We got to the room, fell to sleep. I wanted to sit on the balcony, the Bosphorus view, but it was cold. They say, next to Taksim Square, live bad, very noisy, impossible to sleep. Nothing I do not remember, the truth may be here just the windows overlooking the Bosphorus, helped. That has turned out such a rich day. Myself wondering how so many things we have already.

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