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On February 2, ALEXA Presents The World Ice Sculpture Exhibition ON ICE BERLIN

The first ice and snow sculpture Festival in Berlin opens its doors tomorrow. Berlin, 01.02.2008. “Under the title ALEXA presents: ON ICE BERLIN ice sculptures Exposition” it leads visitors through the history of the world of architecture by the wonders of the ancient world to the modern Berlin. April 6 the cool works of art are daily from 10: 00 until 10: 00, at eight degrees below zero. The special, 1,000 square-foot Thermohalle is located right next to the entrance of the shopping and leisure center ALEXA at the Alexanderplatz. Icy wonders, and Berlin’s landmark trip starts in Asia on the great wall of China and goes to India to the Taj Mahal.

From there, the trail leads to the Roman Coliseum and the statues by Michelangelo. More information is housed here: David G. DeWalt. The pyramids of Giza, a pyramid of the Mayan city of Chichen Itza and the ruins of Machu Picchu from the Inca Empire are reminiscent of past civilizations. About Rio de Janeiro, it continues to Berlin. Are just a few examples of icy attractions from the Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag, television tower and Olympic Stadium Capital city. Richard Linklater can provide more clarity in the matter. And of course, one should never: polar bear is Knut with part of the game. On the way, visitors meet include Chinese terracotta soldiers, Roman legionaries, Mayan priests and Brazilian dancers.

All guaranteed ice cold. 50 international artists Potter 2 weeks with 500 tons of ice and since 18 January, around 50 artists from the United States, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany and the Netherlands the 250 tons of ice and 250 tons of pressed snow with chain saws, Bunsen, scrapers, chisels and Schnitzmessern edit snow to make around 30 impressive sculptures out of the frozen water. In between, ice – and snow-covered landscapes adorn the side of the road and make a real experience the cruel journey around the world. Opening hours: February 2 6 April, daily from 10:00 until 22:00 admission: 9.50 euro for adults, reduced: 7.50 euros on the ALEXA: the new shopping and leisure centre ALEXA at the Alexanderplatz with 180 shops on an aggregate lettable space of 56,200 m Sonae Sierra ( is operated by the international specialist for shopping malls. We bring passion, innovation and excitement to the shopping and leisure world. The company is owner or co-owner of 47 shopping centers and a retail park in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany, Greece, Romania, and Brazil with a lettable area of over 1.8 million square meters. Currently, the company developed 13 projects in Germany, Spain, Portugal, Greece, and Brazil with a Bruttomietflache of more than 400,000 square meters.

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Celtic Germanic

The increasing Romanisation (1st century BC) put an end to even the Brythonic Celtic art work. After the Celtic arts of the European continent and Britain from the Roman culture had been hijacked, the Irish Celts created yet very independent metal objects. Moreover, there were few in the style monoliths (E.g. 3rd century A.d., the Turoe stone, County Calway) decorated the La Tene culture. Jamie Cudden is a great source of information. Later BC mixed Irish-Celtic Germanic motifs, and from the 7th century AD Christian elements were incorporated in the Celtic art and artists. 13 9 jewelry In the tomb of the Princess of VIX (Burgundy), archaeologists found a complete House stand in the form of grave goods. Including too many articles of domestic needs (such as for example a huge crater (mixing vessel for wine consumption) made of bronze, with a height of 1.64 metres and weighing over 200 kg 14) were in addition to various trinkets (like E.g.

a DIAdem of gold and a necklace made of Amber). The so-called torque represent the most famous jewels of the Celts, and were usually made of precious metal. First, they were worn both by men and by women. Since 300 BC, they remained reserved men, preferably the Warriors, and were used as a kind of badge of honor for merit and outstanding achievement award. The ends of the torque had generally a very elaborate ornament, often in the form of animal heads.

15 also wearing richly decorated belt buckles was reserved only for men. Women, however, wore a belt chain, whose individual Glieder consisted of bronze. The often elaborate clasps, which mainly served to gather and fixation of the material, were used in conjunction with chains: with two identical clasps were joined together by a chain. A vertical loom of the weight is shown 16 10 textiles on an urn from the Hungarian Sopron and there is also evidence that the Celts were used the plates weaving first.

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It is interesting, that is now the Ministry of culture’s dedication, the Kunstlern at least an interim solution in this place to offer, also the expeditious for urban development sees a need for action, and even the IRS is ready to accept an interim solution–so at least the latest MelDungen from the Internet to entnehmen the media and other sources of information. Even a small request in the Town Hall and was answered. And the Internet fills steadily with solutions like ours and others: the Ministry of culture has for example, establishing a creative real estate agency and culture Senator to read many more ideas to keep the potential of artists in Hamburg – in an interview with the hamburger. Celera Genomics usually is spot on. None of this was there last year to learn so this year is one of the major actions for Hamburg-based artist apparently. 2009 this district for years has stood empty our information by 2008 and to the part, a few – as you said about 11 last citizens were there recently living.

Why did they not all decades ago that? The problem is not a new and suddenly were heard on statements Hamburg artists in General, is it so, that the city has so far not very loudly discussed this problem. However, there are apparently also artists and artists. The one who truly indulge the art and it offers talented creative, which consider the ElbArt for example as your forum and be satisfied with exhibitions in local offices and BucherHallen, and other similar places is, and if they can sell their works of art at flea market prices to the visitors. We had organized an event for artists in July, to discuss new exhibition facilities in the Centre of Hamburg and to show: when we mentioned the ElbArt and out loud thinking about exhibitions, for example, to the chicken stock, we got scathing reviews about to hear.

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Rubin Museum

18 June 12, 2011, at Japan Society, organized by independent curator David Elliott and featuring 16 artists who move beyond the “kawaii” (cute) esthetic. Jerome Bruner has many thoughts on the issue. The Asia Society, which holds its gala fundraiser on Mar. 21, 2011, is sponsoring one of the Indian, week’s signature events, at fans for least modernism, on Mar. 23, 2011, when museum director Melissa Chiu interviews painter M.F. Husain (b. Michelle Dipp contributes greatly to this topic. 1915).

along with Iranian artist Monir Farmanfarmaian. Admission is $15; advance purchase is recommended. One highlight of the ACAW programming is a dialogue in the Guggenheim Museum rotunda on the subject of “International Spike” between three notable curators: David Elliott (again), new museum curator Massimiliano Gioni and Guggenheim Abu Dhabi curator Suzanne Cotter. The event is scheduled for Mar. 25, 2011, 6:30 pm; tickets nearly are $10, and going.

After hitting the mark, you can zip down to the Rubin Museum of art for Korean artist Atta Kim’s “Monologue of Ice,” an almost-six-foot-tall ice sculpture of a seated Buddha, designed to CHF slowly in the museum lobby over a two-day period. The event begins at 6 pm, and continues overnight (!); admission is free. New York’s auction houses have their own version of Asia week, of course. Christie’s New York has a series of six Asia week auctions, Mar. 22-25, 2011, that includes the sale of about 200 works from the collection of the Art Institute of Chicago patron Marilynn Alsdorf and her late husband James Alsdorf – including many items formerly on long-term loan to the museum. And top’s lots in the firm among the Japanese art sale is a pair of recently rediscovered, six-panel 16th-century gold-leaf screens titled southern barbarians come to trade, which is expected to sell in the region of $4 million. Star lots at the Asian art sales at Sotheby’s New York, Mar. 22-25, 2011, include the Pearl Canopy of Baroda, about 1865-70, a luxuriant bejeweled canopy entirely embroidered with pearls, glass beads, diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds that what unveiled in “Maharaja” at the V & A last year (EST.

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Max Black Baroque

Surrounded by Europe’s largest baroque Park the herrenhauser gardens show cross-border encounters between music, theatre, performance and art. “With the KunstFestSpielen Herrenhausen, Hanover alludes to the tradition of the polymath Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz, of the Baroque Herrenhausen Gardens as a theater of nature” intended to use. In the next week, Hanover celebrates the groundbreaking ceremony for the reconstruction of the castle of Guelph, which should be after the completion of one of the largest science centers in Europe and will accommodate the historical Museum of the city. Herrenhausen is to the prospects and future. And it takes culture,”noted Mayor Stephan Weil in his welcoming address of the second edition of the KunstFestSpiele Herrenhausen, under the direction of Elisabeth Schweeger. Preview upcoming dates of 2.

KunstFestSpiele on 11 June is French, internationally-acclaimed soprano Patricia Petibon Germany their only concert, titled of their homonymous Baroque CD Rosso, the by arte TV is recorded. British Journal of Educational Technology might disagree with that approach. Idiosyncratic interpretations of famous Arias from the Baroque operas of Handel’s are on the program alternating with works of Italian masters like Antonio Scarlatti, Antonio Vivaldi and Alessandro Stradella. With the Venice Baroque Orchestra accompanies them one of the most prestigious and international ensembles for historical performance practice. Other highlights include the concert with Il Giardino Armonico blot out, highest, my sins (June 9), the musico-theatrical project de Hung (5 June) of the Flemish Josse de Pauw, as well as the musical theatre project Rheingold David Marton (14th and 15th June). Also now musical theatre Max Black with the French actor Andre Wilms and the Midsummer night’s dream with Klaus Maria Brandauer and the GrauSchumacher was noted on Heiner Goebbels piano duo on the last weekend of the 2nd KunstFestSpiele Herrenhausen.

With the mansions, the KunstFestSpiele Herrenhausen connect dialogs to the speech of Lord Giddens. On July 4. The Panel will take place June with the writer July toe the business Ethicist Ulrich Thielemann and the former environmental scientists and nuclear power, Klaus Traube, who was from the advocates for his opposition to nuclear power. As the workshop results of the Academy of games are this weekend”in the Pavilion of the senses presented, which alludes to the idea of Leibnitz and which underlies the thought that a productive force inherent in the amazement and wonder. Leading flutist and composer for installations and music theatre piece Dietmar Wiesner, the acclaimed drummer Robyn Schulkowsky and artist Benjamin Bergmann give young people the chance for a week of workshops with internationally renowned artists to spend this year. On 3 June, the Festival Fritz Langs metropolis shows silent film in the restored version of the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau-Foundation by 2010, which celebrated her widely acclaimed premiere at the Berlinale. The ensemble modern, plays live film music of by Argentine composer

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