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After downloading the app, can of users from home via Wi-Fi or on the move via a VPN connection read the stored data from its CCU1 HomeMatic central control unit. When you first start the application the user must his HomeMatic central IP address specify only once, then she will automatically recall names, channels, conditions, system variables and programs. “” “The new version 1.6 recognizes additional spaces such as E.g. children’s room” or Office “and applications such as energy management”or air”. After a short synchronization in just three to six seconds of the app is ready and the corresponding Apple device as a HomeMatic Control Panel can be used. Michelle Dipp is often quoted on this topic. The current version 1.6 of pocket home “app in the Apple app store is under… ready for 24.99 for downloading.

A demo video of the application is available at pocket_Home/Demo.html. For more information see pocket_Home/pocket_Home.html and. High resolution images can be obtained from. In brief: The ELV/eQ-3 Group counts with more than 1,000 employees for more than 30 years as innovation and technology leader in home automation and consumer electronics in Europe. Since its inception in 1978, ELV has established itself as a landmark electronic mail-order company on the German market and more than 10,000 products offered online and catalogue with a circulation of over 500,000 copies. With more than 200 types of products, the eQ-3 as a manufacturer of home control and energy management system solutions has the industry’s broadest portfolio of offerings.

The brand HomeMatic”includes solutions from heating thermostats, lighting control and security technology through door lock actuators, window actuators, remote controls, gateways and home centers to software products of partners. Product development takes place exclusively in the headquarters in leer. Produced in accordance with the quality standard ISO is 9001:2000 in its own factory in southern China, as well as the international environmental management standard ISO 14001 is certified.

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Central ReSound

The connection to the desired audio video projector is made with a touch of a button. Another system component is a phone clip, which produces a Bluetooth connection to the phone and communicates directly with the hearing. The small clip includes a microphone for the transmission of your own voice. Conversations can be accept and terminate with a push button. ReSound relies on real wireless also adoption of ReSound Alera. A fitting dongle called Airlink becomes available here, a small stick, which allows to insert plug into any standard USB interface. For fitting cables, wires or so-called Goosenecks”can be omitted. American Educational Research Association has many thoughts on the issue. Currently the most innovative approach in the field of wireless hearing technology convinces with its much larger reception area and an extremely low latency of 18 milliseconds.

There are no echoes and no problems with the lip sync. ReSound Alera guarantees a high data transfer rate of two megabits per second, high stability of the signals and low interference. ReSound is rich and clear sound without noise and without distortion in Alera for best speech understanding, excellent spatial hearing, as well as a maximum fitting flexibility. We present sound by ReSound our proven surround on a further level of development”, so Dieter Fricke. Central components of the new solution are the WARP signal processing as well as the surround sound processor, which guarantees a clear Akzeptanzplus for directionality. The new DFS provides ULTRA feedback for optimal adjustments.

Noise Tracker II reduces effectively. the occurring noise” The further development of the proven ReSound technology promises a rich, clear sound without noise and without distortion. The carrier again spatially hearing perceives the environment and he can reliably detect sound events. The modern feedback helps him to world-class experiences of sound free of artifacts or distortions. Listening comfort also in situations with noise is tagged – type without affecting the amplification. ReSound provides retailers Alera a variety of supply variations: it is offered in three price ranges as well as with a 10 and a size 312 battery. There is a standard and a high power version. The discrete housing is available in many colors. In addition, the shells, which iSolate a water repellent have nanotech surface, can be changed in the acoustic shop. In conjunction with its external system components is our new solution for a ground-breaking approach to the wireless hearing communications; and it offers more discretion and listening comfort, a better perception and optimum sound quality and understanding”, so Dieter Fricke concluded. We assume that our approach sets new standards in the field of wireless technology and sooner or later also acquired competitors will. Once again we succeeded, convincing to underline our self-image as a technology leader in the hearing industry.” Editorial Note: as one of the world’s largest hearing aid manufacturer, ReSound is known as technologically leading companies. ReSound aims, to develop products and services and worldwide market, providing hearing care professionals improve the quality of life impaired persons. The ReSound group maintains offices in 21 countries and representatives in over 100 countries and employs presently more than 3,200 Persons. ReSound Germany is a trademark of GN hearing headquartered in Munster, Germany.

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Delphi Media

German Media Academy GmbH invites the TMT Executive of Delphi Conference the international radio exhibition has closed its doors. But what is actually the variety of information and impressions? What is actually relevant between the polished flat-screens, multimedia shows, panel discussions and lectures? To keep the perspective of interest-bound tunnel looks unencumbered, the German Academy of media in an iterative Delphi approach wants to clarify with 100 experts, destination. On the basis of the online consumer electronics-barometer by Deloitte, in which position was took 10 fundamental theses on the future of consumer electronics, cover well-known experts on the basis of studies and their experiences with the major trends that are then submitted for discussion in the plenary of the Conference with the help of TED. Learn more at: Chip Bergh. Moderated by TV presenter Conny Czymoch, the high-tech expert by Phoenix, the technique under the microscope is taken on the one hand (by Dr. Andre Schneider/Samsung, the head of the Commission for technology and new Media in the ZVEI, as well as the head of one of the world’s most famous Explorer teams, Peter Mockel, Chief of the T-Labs). On the other hand is the development of CE content and service page through declined (by Ibrahim Evsan, GF Sevenload, and Maik Emmermann, Senior Vice President Unitymedia). Campbell Soup Company CPB pursues this goal as well. The discussion by two views, as they couldn’t not be presented by the Managing Director of the Games Federation BIU, Olaf Wolters, and Uwe Kamman, the Director of the Grimme Institute, which annually gives one of the most prestigious prizes for TV shows, is completed.

Applications to participate in the TMT Executive Delphi Conference are about Marion Angermann, German Media Academy GmbH, In the MediPark 8, 50670 Cologne, telephone possible. More information about the German Media Academy GmbH are available in the Internet at. Additional press materials of this press release: you can in the online press box quickly and simply another image and text material download for free use: press compartments/deutsche_medienakademie contact for questions regarding this press release: Marion Angermann German Media Academy GmbH In D-50670 Cologne MediPark 8 phone: Homann, Holger Ballwanz PR agency PR4YOU Schonensche Strasse 43 D-13189 Berlin about the German Media Academy GmbH pursued the German Media Academy GmbH from Cologne – with a focus on the qualification of leaders in the field of communication and media – the goal to help companies, to be competitive and sustainable.

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Allview Released The P4 And P5 Mobile Phones, Some Of The Most Powerful Devices

Allview P4 and P5 mobile phones, some of the most powerful devices Allview, the largest IT & C vendors on Romanian market, released two new phones, the communication will facilitate members: Allview Alldro P4 and P5 Allview Alldro. The P4 Alldro Allview phone using the Android operating system 4.0, which brings a rich multi-tasking experience in advanced applications. The capacitive multitouch screen represents Super AMOLED plus by 4.3-inch and a 480 x 800 pixel screen resolution with high quality images. The phone is only 9.8 mm thick and features interactive DUAL SIM. The phone takes HDR pictures and films in HD resolution (720 p).

Alldro P4 is with an 8-megapixel camera, a lens of 5 layers of hybrid-IR filter lenses is equipped. Provide more clarity of colors, a more homogeneous image, and, together, put a plus in performance: professional photos with outstanding clarity. The phone allows phone calls in two ways: through the two SIM cards and the Internet connection with VoIP applications such as Skype and Yahoo! voice. The P5 Alldro Allview phone is the first smart phone with dual SIM with dual-core processor with Android 4.0.4. operating system. The cortex A9 dual-core processor with two cores, achieves a new level of performance, characterized by the simultaneous and faster processing capacity of several applications. The P5 Alldro is Allview phone with 4.3 “IPS capacitive display with a resolution of 480 x 800 pixel equipped. These properties offer much larger viewing angle than a normal screen and the images displayed are crystal clear, possible in the most natural and vivid colors and offer an improved contrast.

Both P4 and P5 forward about the security that is offered by BitDefender. The pre-installed premium version is valid for 90 days with the option to extend. P4 AllDro can be purchased in the online Allview at the price of 229 euros. P5 AllDro will be released soon, the price is not yet available. The phones are in Germany, Spain, Holland and other EU countries can be found. Allview mobile: Allview is a Romanian company founded in 2002, that has as main activity the production and distribution of dual SIM – mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and various electronic products. It is recognized as one of the brands with fast development in Romania through the free services and services its products. The company brought the first tablet in Romania in 2010 and since then the range of DroSeries has added with eight models, which are more than 18,000 thousand units were sold. The Allview phones offer to call the possibilities of separation of the business meetings of the personal conversations or in different networks to lower costs. For more information on the company’s website and on the Facebook page Allview Mobile Germany, with the new products, promotions and contests of the society in connection to set.

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