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Building Regulations

To get the most out of their next pre-fabricated buildings and will reasonably and weighted approach to such investments. The more you know about your investment object, the easier it is to choose favor of a manufacturer of prefabricated buildings. Factors to be considered when choosing a pre-fabricated buildings: Building Regulations: the main factor that influences the selection of prefabricated buildings, is that you need to know the existing state building codes. It should be remembered that the developer must obtain all necessary permits to conduct construction in a particular place. All prescriptions are contained in the governing documents must be reviewed and considered by the customer. The first step is to verify the absence of any legal obstacles to build in the location of pre-fabricated buildings steel metal. Financial factors: this is the second most important factor you should clearly know the value of pre-fabricated buildings, before concluding the final contract. The cost of FMS should be included, the total price of all the design work, the cost of steel and other building materials to be used during construction, cost perform all work on the production, delivery and installation of fast structures including the cost of preparatory works on site.

Companies that will offer you their services for the construction of fast-building, should be able to provide full information on all financial expenses that you incur in the construction process. Should not immediately give preference to proposals that offer the best price for FMS, you need to consider all the available offers. Make sure that you offer quality steel construction, since it will affect the whole building, that the proposal is not available some obvious costs that would have to pay later. As a customer pre-fabricated building you should always have more than one proposal from the manufacturers BMZ. This will allow you as the customer pre-fabricated building, choose the best option for themselves.

One of the most important parameters for comparing companies that manufacture prefabricated buildings – the price of BMZ. If a manufacturer calls amount as the total project cost, while another offers the same design prefabricated building at a much lower price, it is important not to get carried away by the low price, and to critically examine the two proposals and try to learn reason for this difference in valuation of the same project. The quality of material used: the quality of steel structures, as well as the metal used is an important factor when choosing a manufacturer of BMZ. The strength and durability of any pre-fabricated building depends on the type of material used. Thus, the quality of the materials should be the highest. Paperwork: after all above, the next step is the paperwork – contracts and agreements. Should be sure that all the proposals set out in writing and they will be part of the contract for the construction of prefabricated buildings. Dates: fabrication and installation of prefabricated building will take 60 to 90 days. You need to know how long identified the company that produces BMZ at the end of the project, as well as guaranteed by the life of pre-fabricated building, which it is built. Typically, fast-building can be operated from 25 to 30 years. Information about these factors will be useful to you as a customer or investor prefabricated buildings, helping you make the right choice.

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The Enterprise Of Sunflower Seeds “Batis Kunbagys

Joint Stock Company "Batis Kunbagys" was founded in 2008. Equipped with high-tech equipment in the field of oilseed crops and modern technologies in production and refining of vegetable oils. It allows sunflower oil quality to the international standards and competitive in foreign markets. Equipment includes the production of frozen purified deodorized oil line with European standards, which consists of the following lines: – line of cleaning and drying of seeds – seed storage line – the line and pressing the oil bleaching – line refining, deodorization and freezing of oil – filling line and package oil. This technology allows you to keep the oil in the seeds at all stages of harvesting and storage of raw materials. Improved instrumental seed processing scheme reduces the temperature conditions in the stages of compression and allows you to select from a stream high-quality oil pressed oil, which, omitting the stage of storage, is sent directly to the stage of hydration and bleaching at low temperature and then freezing. The sequence of processing steps refining oil provides for the withdrawal of oil, the most oxidized and susceptible to oxidation compounds, the maximum precluding the flow of oil to oxidation reactions.

Thus, with this technology at all stages of refining oil is not subjected to oxidation, which increases its qualitative characteristics. Besides all the technological regimes can improve the quality of vegetable oils to increase its output and reduce the cost of thermal power resources. Terms of Western Kazakhstan region allow agricultural producers to cultivate Ukrainian sunflower hybrids, which are characterized by a high content of oleic acid. In the presence of oleic acid vegetable oil gives the oil is 16 times more resistant to oxidation by Compared with conventional oil. It also participates in the creation of prostaglandins, hormone-like substances that strengthen your immune system and enhance the inflammatory processes (for inflammation – a part of immune response, who is struggling with pathogenic factor). At its shortcomings in the human diet, exacerbated by chronic inflammation such as rheumatoid arthritis, as well as allergic reactions. The technology used to factory "Batys Kunbagys" provides for not only high-quality refined deodorized sunflower oil, but vegetable oils such as canola crops, safflower, flax and other cultivars conditions of West-Kazakhstan region are generally favorable for the cultivation and produce high sustainable yields of sunflower. However, for the region is characterized by adverse weather conditions such as spring frosts, irregular rainfall, wind erosion of soil, dry winds. As shown by the economic and statistical studies, these factors have a strong influence on the yield of sunflower and cause instability of its production. In this regard, to ensure the growth of sunflower production is of great importance concentration of crops in areas of the field with the most favorable conditions in terms of stability its cultivation. Author website:

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