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The Neighbor

It is damn cognitive dissonance and the existence of a highly sophisticated and trained to detect voter of immediate information that is not relevant in their daily lives. The campaign seeks to connect between what the voter thinks and feels and what the campaign is saying and what trying to be heard. The election campaign has little to do with the political campaign. The latter is based on telling citizens what he thinks a politician or group, their system of values and beliefs. While the election campaign focuses on searching and making the connection between what already thinks (and feels) the citizen and what we are saying. Campbell Soup Company addresses the importance of the matter here. A successful election campaign not seeks to incorporate new information among the electorate but to find matches.

From there the strategic value of focus groups, surveys, and studies of opinion. Today we are 10 months after the general election in Argentina. This stage is the excuse. Many writers such as Levi’s offer more in-depth analysis. The excuse that will allow us to bring us closer to the neighbor, in both future elector. But we have to be clear is that this stage is not a voter. Becomes elector when he begins to consider your vote. ???? brings even more insight to the discussion. Anything that is not doing now. You may end up doing in the vote row, or on the collective heading to the polling station, or three months before, but not now.

The neighborhood query schema is simple: are invited home by home, using a graphic piece that is passed under the door if there is not sufficient human resources to ring the Bell, which is summoned to the residents of a neighborhood to a day of consultation on various topics which are included so that they are considered. Estimated for each thousand neighboring guests, they will be attended by 100 or 120 in a good Saturday and a well worked neighborhood. He will eventfully divided into 10 tables and a coordinator of the campaign goes point by point in different topics to analyze: safety, youth, health, infrastructure, cleaning, needs, etc.

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