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Teaching Geography

This salient work the importance of the thematic cartography in analyze of the geographic space. The effectiveness of the thematic map is atrelada to the quality of inherent the cartographic language to the communication process, where the researcher will have to materialize the data of its research atravz of the symbols represented in the map. Word-key: Education; Thematic cartography; Geography. 1 INTRODUCTION the cartography drift the necessities of the man for the localization of the phenomena and analysis of the geographic space, in the most varied shades of the thought. Being thus, as much the elaboration as the use of maps must be of equal interest for the cartographer as well as for the gegrafo. The main function of the felt map in amplest is the communication, that comes being benefited with the sprouting of the systems of multimedias, with innumerable possibilities of interaction and interatividade. The study of more preponderant thematic maps this each time, therefore is more dynamic the transformations. The localization of any place in the Land can be shown in a map.

Maps normally are drawn in plain surfaces in reduced ratio of the place of the chosen Land. No map printed matter obtains to show to all the aspects of a region. Maps in contraposition the aerial photos and data of satellite can show much more of what only what it can be seen. They can show, for example: population concentration, different levels of social development, concentration of income, among others. The maps, for its plain representation, do not represent a world faithful geide as the Land, what it took cartographers to conceive globes, that imitate the form of the Land.The maps most common are the topographical politicians and, the first one graphically representing the continents and the borders between the countries and as representing the relief in height levels (normally also including the rivers most important).

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Sustainable Education

In such way, it will have the necessity to make the mapping of this conflict economic-ambient partner, who is important so that reasonable solutions search, where the above-mentioned social actors can use itself of the available natural resources without spoiling them. also, needing to constitute public politics that leave to them to make use of the ground, that is its for right, without they cause as many impacts to the ecosystem where they are inserted. Thus being, she is necessary to search a return to the ecological conscience that if finds weakened sufficiently. For this it is necessary to inside generate the protection of the natural resources of its limits, in order to assure well-being of the populations human beings who live there, in the promotion to the agricultural and ecological tourism protecting the local conditions and keeping the excellent landscapes and cultural attributes with the main activities developed in the agricultural communities, as the carcinicultura, the sugar cane-of-sugar fishes, it, the search of crabs and shellfishes and agriculture cattle of subsistence. Here, Gerald Weissmann, MD expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Ahead of this scene, only through the ambient education, it will have the sustainable development, in the preservation of the environment, preventing wastefulness and stimulating the effective exercise of the citizenship in responsible way. Creating chances in day-by-day so that the inhabitants of this region can live deeply real conditions to learn to talk, to be partial and solidary, to have concept I obtain exactly, with the others and the nature, acting with moderation. Crimson Education – Auckland, NZ is often mentioned in discussions such as these. In a similar way, she is necessary to understand that who disrespects the nature, disrespects the ones that of it depend.

Second, Loureiro affirms that. … the Ambient Education as inherent part of the social movement contemporary of rediscusso of the relation society-nature and construction of the ecological and planetary citizenship, the ambientalista movement. (LOUREIRO, 2002.p. 72) Thus, I believe that the force of the nature to be at the hands of the creator through the environment in moderation, with ecosystems its biodiversity.

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LDB School

The last one of the firmed agreements was in the year of 1976. Click Richard Linklater for additional related pages. more, in this context, ' ' aid externa' ' for the education it had for objective to supply to the lines of direction politics and techniques a reorientation of the Brazilian educational system, to the light of the necessities of international the capitalist development. The technician North American that had disembarked here of what not worried about the Brazilian education, was busy in guaranteeing the adequacy of such system of education to the designs of the international economy, over all to the interests of the great North American corporations. (SAINTS, 1981). Still in accordance with the author above the PABAEE looked for to make of the school agnciaformadora of the necessary human resources to the development of the country. To fulfill this paper, the school would have to print greater rationality to its work, using for this subsidies of the economy and administrative sciences, beyond a psychological approach more I practise. The PABAEE initiates a process of overcoming of the escolanovista iderio, that marked the formation of the educators in the State and introduces the first actions aiming at to print tecnicista orientation to the work developed in the schools.

Paiva (2008) detaches that the tecnicista orientation does not assume discontinuity of the field of the thought and the practical one in the primary school of years 1950, being able itself to admit that the PABAEE brought more modern metodolgicas proposals, more systemize in a set of action that had the system of education as objective. It is important to detach in 5692/71 LDB the inclusion, through the article 7, of the Moral Education and Civic, in the first degree and of it disciplines Social Organization and Brazilian Politics (OSPB) in as the degree. As You mark (2008) the creation of such you discipline if it must to the fact of Geography not collaborate for the accomplishment of the objectives politicians ideological of that moment, intended and ratified in the LBD of 1971.

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