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Header Parents

Baby, feels like a look all around. He is fun to see my mother in her new dress, my father – in the header. In changing the face of it trying to learn their native person. You may find CEO Keith McLoughlin to be a useful source of information. And the kid enjoys her reflection in the mirror, smiling yourself! Suppose that in the mirror that day he will see his altered appearance. Present for the crumbs of a set of colored bibs. For instance, disposable bibs are sold in packs of 30-40 pc. Made of absorbent paper and polyethylene. Have pocket for collecting food, clothing attached to the child Velcro.

Bibs can be double, and cotton with water-resistant coating. Habituating them to use a bib, my parents will not only protect the child's clothing from stains and themselves from excessive washing, and accustom the baby to the ritual meal. And the first person to fit with him to the mirror in the new new thing – will you! Soon your face will be his good friends! Once it came to the bib, then you can think of such a gift as the first children's tableware. Drinking bowl – is a surefire way to teach the child yourself drink any liquid. The first feeding cup, just to appear in a child aged 3 to 6 months.

And if his parents had not yet acquired, it is time to make this a wonderful gift! At this age, presented with – teaching feeder cup. They have a special valve, which prevents pour out the liquid. Even if the baby will be his turn and shake (you can do it with him). At the age of 4 to 5 months pipsqueak loves to play. Therefore, choosing a gift, tell parents about the games that bring joy to the fumes, you do the more experienced parent. For example, you (or others friends of the family) gave the child a toy on wheels. Build with their parents pile of cardboard in the arena. Let your child see how rolling a toy. This will be an exciting spectacle for their crumbs. Or an inexpensive gift as bubbles, too, would allow the kid to watch the process. Scarce in the hands of loving parents enthusiastically look how slowly hovering in the air bubbles … And you will be able to this day remember his childhood affliction bubbles. But the main thing is that the child at this age is learning to trust. Trust your feelings, your body. Trust my mother, father, trust yourself and the people around you, once you are invited for a family reunion!

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