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Honduran Educational Challenges

The Honduran education challenges in the century XXI Professor of Sciences social Marlon Reyes Hernandez Gracias, Lempira Cel. 96110590 Education has been in the course of this century and everything suggests it will remain so in the future one of the most important instruments with which modern societies have had to fight against inequalities, to deal with the phenomena and processes of segregation and social exclusion, to establish, expand and deepen civic and democratic valuesto boost economic and cultural development and to promote personal development and the improvement of the quality of life for all its members. However, there is little doubt that, as it happens with other aspects or areas of life and activity of the people considered no less important and crucial in modern democratic societies health, housing, occupation, social welfare, etc. How are currently organized education to the whole population systems, and even the same conception of education that sustains this organization and these solutions will have to undergo changes in depth to deal with the challenges of the new economic, social, political and cultural scenario that has begun to emerge in the course of the last few decades and which is already cut clearly on the horizon. In reality, none of the elements that make up this scenario changes in value systems; changes in the structure of the labour market; changes in the family organization: socialization deficits produced by the weakening of the institutions of primary and secondary schools, especially of the family and the school socialization; the progressive introduction of new technologies of information and communication and its impact on the modes and relations of production; economic globalization and the globalization of markets; the growing cultural homogenization; etc. All of them have been installed gradually in the course of the last few decades but more than all these aspects mentioned, is necessary to point out in the key elements that the Honduran education must implement to address these challenges such as: the depoliticization of the educational system, establishing standards of quality of education, decentralization of educational units, foster the participation of educational stakeholders, and develop a scientific education and humanist.

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