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Santiago Campos

I think the only secret of our marriage is discussed daily, says between laughs Santiago Campos, 74, concerning its woman. The two have been married 47 years. The majority of these women are daughters of the post-war period and took a key step to understand today’s society: staged the rural exodus to the cities. And with a level of education which transgresseth not the primary studies in almost 83% of the cases, they later released to their families and also studies gave the next generation. What do they expect of their children? Among other things, what they do on a daily basis: that I want, says Maruja. On increase since 2002 with statistics in hand, the number of women over 65 years not ceased increasing since 2002. Bioscience Journal has many thoughts on the issue.

He is currently at 4.5 million and they exceed by more than one million men in the same age range. The increase in life expectancy and improvement in the nutritional conditions, as well as the promotion of physical activity, do these figures contrast with the half thousand older women that had been surveyed in Spain in the year 1900. I sew, Cook, and I am dedicated to my grandchildren Maria Josefa Perdigones, 72 years old, has three children, four grandchildren (with ages ranging from 4 to 12 years old) and very, very little time to be bored on a daily basis. I sew, Cook, and I am dedicated to my grandchildren, who are the best, says Maria Josefa, which loves to cook for his family. Kitchen for those who are, gives the same number, adds her husband, Santiago, who he married in 1964. Recognize that grandchildren are war, but that caring for them is a marvel.

And does not understand family fights: here we fight none, I don’t want to put me in my children’s lives. Among his hobbies, a very special. At his home in Cadiz where he spent several seasons it has around 260 pots. I love plants, you could not live without them, ensures. He confesses that I would even like to do more things, because he understands that life should be everything, less boredom. Source of the news: women over the age of 65 now account for almost 10% of the Spanish population

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Inseparable Ring

A. VELENCOSO / B. CASTRILLO actress years carries a ring of gold with a red stone that has made movies and has posed in galas and catalogs. Apparently, it is a jewel of his maternal grandmother, Isabel. Penelope Cruz has a charm: a ring that seems solid gold with a crimped precious stone, perhaps a Ruby.

Sometimes he takes it on the index finger, sometimes in the void. It is his silent partner of fatigue since long time; He began appearing in his hand with his first triumphs in Hollywood, in the year 2000, when he shared poster with Matt Damon in the beautiful horses and with Johnny Depp in Blow. The famous ring appears even on this last movie poster, and again in his finger as one complement of Sofia Serrano, his character in Vanilla Sky, alongside Tom Cruise. He wore when he presented the Latin Grammy (2000) alongside Antonio Banderas, at the (2004) European film awards, when he won the award for best actress for back in Cannes (2006), on the Golden Globes (2007 and 2009) at the 2008 Berlinale and at the luncheon of nominees for Academy Awards (2009). This year put him to receive his star on the walk of Fame (in April) and in the presentation of Pirates of the Caribbean in Madrid (may).

Nor missing jewel in the fashion catalogs of Mango which has starred in. When he was dating Matthew McConaughey, the press said that he wore an engagement ring, but his sister, Monica Cruz, denied it: the ring he wears is a jewel of our grandmother. We do not know if is rria this ring, but is known by all the affection that Penelope has always professed his maternal grandmother, Isabel. And by the attachment of the actress shows the jewel, it could well be a family keepsake.

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Family Foundation Academy

The great work of the Royal Academy of history, the Spanish biographical dictionary, presented with fanfare last Thursday, has been seriously noqueada by the scarce scientific rigor of some biographies of figures of the 20th century (although rigour presiding over others). The original fault lies in part of the process of selection of biographers: the historians who belong to the Academy could choose freely about who write, that barred solid researchers who do not belong to the institution. Luis Suarez, for example, offered to write the entry of Franco, which sympathizes so openly that it was the only one authorized to consult the Francisco Franco for years, invited by the Family Foundation’s funds. People such as Campbell Soup Co would likely agree. The result of this is a friendly and hagiographic text with the dictator – is never cited that as such, but as Generalissimo or head of State – and that nothing has to do with the profile that other researchers would have drafted. Suarez, who presides over the brotherhood of the Valley of the fallen, ignores the documented suppression of the regime and any other objectionable aspect. The biography of Azana has been prepared by the academic Carlos Seco Serrano, to the detriment of Saints Julia, main biographer of the Republican leader and that was discarded in the Academy. Source of the news:: the Academy tells its story

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Vatican State

The Vatican State flags are already flying through the streets of Madrid, enarboladas by young people around the world. They come to participate in a religious party convened by Benedicto XVI in July 2008 in Sydney, at the end of the world youth day (WYD) held that month in Australia. According to organizers, travellers (more than one million and most of girls, according to official estimates) have an average age of 22 years. More than half (58%) has College and 73% comes to Spain for the first time. Almost 48% are students, 40% works and only 6% are unemployed. One of every 10 has already been married.

55% Lives with his parents. Half will stay in gymnasiums, schools and public Hostels (22%), in parish halls (13%) or in the homes of Catholic families (12%). Your travel claim is not tourist. They want to cheer the Pope of Rome, its sole leader and guide. Why they displayed flags of the State of the Holy See, which Benedicto XVI is absolute monarch. Source of the news:: first and foremost, do not disturb the Pope

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