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Johann Gutenberg

The stones were ground flat and could be used in a frame. The diameter of the glasses included 3 cm maximum. The rivet spectacles is considered precursors of today’s glasses, but they possessed no hangers, but was held to the eye using a style. A great advantage of using a rivet spectacles was the magnification of all things. From now on, no more single words or lines piece by piece had to be increased.

Scholars especially enjoyed this invention to read Scriptures and to compensate for poor eyesight in other walks of life. Murano honed glasses of very high quality, because they understood it there to make white glass and then expertly to grind them. In recent months, Educational psychology has been very successful. Due to the expensive materials and the complex manufacturing process, rivet spectacles were reserved for only scholars and rich. This period is probably due to the stereotype that only smart people wear glasses. Today, eyeglass wearers seem serious or made to work. Since then the equation was too high even Apostles were shown in artistic representations with rivet spectacles.

The bar glasses book printing, making painstaking handwritten writing books was invented In the year 1445 Johann Gutenberg. A faster and all higher production of printing works was possible and so grew the need for glasses. So the bar glasses coincided with this invention, which represented an advancement of rivet eyeglasses. In contrast to the rivet spectacles had they not be held with the hands, but kept using a strap on the nose. On the bracket connected the two glasses, cut a piece of the leather was attached, often that a slide down from the nose should prevent. Also, the bar glasses were fitted with chains for the neck, to prevent damage when a slip by the nose. Damage was not only costly, but was also linked to long waits on new glasses. The 15th century marked the birth of concave lenses that correct nearsightedness. Previously, only convex polished lenses were produced, which were conducive for a wide vision. The hat glasses between the 15th and 18th centuries was the so-called Hat glasses, with help of a structure on a hat was attached. This protected from a falling off of the glasses and the hands were free. Especially in women this type of sunglasses was popular, as women often in the House on hats were and they had to take off at the greeting. In men, hat glasses of less were popular because they wore no hats indoors and outdoors to the greetings always had to take them off. Only with men of higher levels, they were also common, since they had to take off the hat to the greetings. The ear goggles at the beginning of the 18th century was the glasses, as it is today. At that time it was referred to as “Temporal glasses” and the jars were fitted with simple metal brackets, which caused most headaches. The ear glasses often has been improved and offers even more advantages, such as free hands in this day and age in addition to a high level of comfort. The further development of the glasses seems to be no end. So, there are more and more new features like sliding sight glasses or plastic glasses.

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Hanover Cooperation

The aim is to recruit qualified professionals from the region. So far, 29 per cent of the employees come from Soltau, Fassberg/Munster followed with 13 percent and Schneverdingen with 10 percent. In addition to the recruitment of workers, the promotion of employees constitutes an integral part of the cooperation. Together with the Designer Outlet Soltau, the Agency has developed measures for work in to qualify the employee before and after the adjustment. The employees in addition to a permanent position is also trained with training and information sessions within the retail Academy”of the designer outlet Soltau. Economic upturn in Soltau by opening a review: under construction last year that put Designer Outlet Soltau on the regional Contractors Association.

The real estate project was realized in cooperation with companies such as the Burckhardt Metallbau GmbH (Isernhagen) or the Tessmer & road construction Sohn (Wunstorf) with over 200 workers. Also the subsequent Opening contributed in September 2012 the new employment opportunities to a large extent to the positive development of the regional labour market. At the end of the third quarter Soltau the number of unemployed went back with us in the district significantly. A good overall economic development, and in particular through the opening of the Center, the number of jobless in the district, and also in the old district of Soltau in comparison to July 8 percent fell. We are excited about the continued cooperation with the Centre management and hope to provide for more economic activities in the region through our exclusive recruitment”, as Andreas Freimuth concluded. About the designer outlet Soltau, the designer outlet Soltau is conveniently located directly on the A7 between the cities of Hamburg, Bremen and Hanover. On a total area of 13,500 square meters are over 60 national and international fashion, sports and designer brands in its own shops. There are year-round from 30 to 70 percent last year – and sample collections offered cheaper compared to the non-binding price recommendations of the manufacturer.

The high quality village architecture of the designer outlet Soltau with modern and traditional style elements invites you to linger and loiter. The eight Heath cottage are a feast for the eyes”small half-timbered houses with thatched roofs which give a special charm to the Center. With its wide range of gastronomy and family-friendly facilities, which stands for an exclusive shopping experience located in the Luneburg Heath Designer Outlet Soltau. Through close cooperation with more than 500 hotels, amusement parks and numerous recreational facilities, it is a perfect destination in Europe’s leading experience areas.

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Lee Strasberg Institute

In addition to the TaliBoelt pret a-porter dresses can also unique dresses in the own design studio designed and produced in the own factory. TaliBoelt manufactured on request unique dresses every performance is unique and memorable staging. Different finishing options also offer a matching personality individualization. Richard Linklater does not necessarily agree. Actress Sophie Adell wearing Couture that is London-born actress Sophie Adell TaliBoelt a multi-talented, speaks four languages fluently and is well known from many television, film and stage roles. Her acting training, she studied in New York at the Lee Strasberg Institute and at the Martha Graham School. In Los Angeles, she studied at the Van Mar Academy. She loves sports, horseback riding, arts and cultural events in addition to your main job as an actress, is interested in fashion and design. The actress living today in Munich loves to special Occasions and to wear on the red carpet a corresponding luxurious evening dress or a gala gown from TaliBoelt.

How, for example, for the spring ball at the hotel Bayerischer Hof is designed and manufactured for a lavish gala dress for the actress from designer, Tali AMOO. Sophie Adell: A night I was allowed to be Princess – the dream of many girls. TaliBoelt made it possible this”. The dress for the big show of the ball was made of finest silk taffeta and with Italian top. Fit to the evening wear also the jewellery, was from a necklace and earrings for Sophie Adell consisting of, designed and adapted. Bridal Couture wedding day is one of the most important and most beautiful days for women for the special day. The bride and her wedding dress are in the focus of interest. The elegant wedding dresses from TaliBoelt emphasize the femininity and the personality of wearers, allow a comfortable wearing and are outfitted with their high-quality workmanship. Exclusive Finishes, which can be designed individually, give an individual appearance bridal gowns.

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