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Leningrad Forestry Academy

This romantic comedy about love at the dawn of perestroika symbolized the building of our bright future. It tells about love and provocative builders happy now. About a girl fun, naive, but with very a sharp tongue, which looks huge eyes delighted in life. On the northern cold, a young man living a simple life and not in the team. Comedy is bright and talented, unique sense of humor is different.

Tells us northern tree felling, which came to work the young girl. On the first day she falls in love with the most prominent guy, and just misses an opportunity at every opportunity to put into place, as it believes that it is too beautiful, and such are never good. It is interesting to watch not only the development of their relationship, certainly deserves the closest attention, but in general the lives of people living away from home and working for the benefit of its rodiny.Istoriya create this film, they know a lot of us from childhood, the film is about honesty and spirituality young Tosi Kislitsyn … The movie "girls" have their own unique story. And it begins with writing the story "The Girls". In It is about hard work, difficult way of life, love, friendship, fervent youth extremism. As Boris poor worked as an engineer on Rafting and graduated from the Leningrad Forestry Academy, he it was not hard to describe daily life, interests, conflicts and tender relationship between the workers of the northern forests.

The focus of Boris – moral character and spiritual growth of the working man. The director of this film was Yuri Chulyukin. In his conceived the film "The girls" should be the multi-picture in the sequel director wanted to tell you about the fate of each of the girls, but continued and was not followed. Yuri Stepanovich has taken a worthy place in the Soviet cinema. At first, when Chulyukin read the script, it struck him as boring, ordinary comedy, but he wanted to make a living and witty picture. Note that in the film in great detail exactly prescribed for women images. So was quite difficult and the choice of actors. On the role of Tosi Kislitsyn tried a lot of famous and not so famous actresses, but the director wanted the lead role in his wife Natalia sang it to Kustinskaya Unfortunately not auditioned, but the actress says that her husband does not want to take her in his films, as well as strongly upsets her sample on the side. On the role of Tosi invited Hope Rumyantsev, which has successfully acted in the film "intractable", very playful, charming and spontaneous actress. To approve it was not very difficult, because the samples Hope charmed everyone with his natural charm and naturalness, the whole crew helped the actress. This role was as if written specifically for her. At the time of the film Rumyantseva 31st birthday.

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HalfBlood Prince

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – in search of a director. Their candidature for the post of director suggested that many famous figures, who included the directors previous films about Harry Potter. Chris Columbus, director said the third film that will return only if the principal cast remains the same. Also among the candidates was Alfonso Cuaron, director of the third film in the Harry Potter series "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. " Mike Nyuyel, director of the film "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire," rejected his offer to participate in the film.

The list of candidates also included Terry Gilliam, Matthew Vougn, and M. Night Shyamalan, who later on some reason, refused to participate in the filming. In May 2007, David Yates, who worked on previous films "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" was approved as a director of the sixth movie. Followed by a little earlier report that as the trio will be performing the same actors, but Chris Columbus has refused to give any comment on that. To create the scenery for the film (in the number of decorations includes astronomy tower, which should be the culmination of the film) has been selected by Craig Stewart. In anticipation of the trailer. The company Warner Bros began to let rumors of leaving the trailer for the film "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" at the end of April. In a network scenario even walked to the teaser, as later found written in the fans.

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