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Spanish Football

F.PELAYO the AFE will delay the start of the League if the clubs don’t pay their players. Spain is the European country most money owed to his players, behind even of leagues like Romania and Cyprus. The model of Spanish football is the paradigm for the majority of the countries of the world. Our clubs reap international hits season after season and the Spanish team, champion of the world (2010) and Europe (2008), is admired for his play in all corners of the planet. But this is just the friendly face of the film. Behind all these successes lies our misery: clubs don’t pay to players. The situation is so tremendous that Spain is the European country most money owed to his players, behind even of leagues like Romania and Cyprus.

We are proposing to delay the start of the competition (August 20) if the clubs don’t face their debts with footballers, ensures from the Association of Spanish footballers (AFE). Your President, Luis Rubiales, was even clearer in Cadena Ser: I have visited 37 costumes between first and second and all the players are in accordance with the measure. It is a unanimous measure. Even those who come to have sympathized because they know cases of peers. I think that not paying players is a form of adulterating the competition. It is a desperate situation.

There are about 300 players in Spain without charge, he added. Bankruptcy cutoff cutoff that until now have taken the clubs to solve their financial problems has been the placement to the Bankruptcy Act (old suspension of payments), that allows to renegotiate with lenders and reduce the amount of debt. The measure is so popular because this prevents the clubs to be category for what they owed to players, which can charge up to 50% less than due to them. But there is a fact that is chilling: the 20 teams that have been welcomed to the bankruptcy process in Europe, 19 have been Spaniards. Currently, there are five teams in bankruptcy law : Recreativo de Huelva, Betis, Rayo Vallecano, Cordoba and Hercules. For everything, there is an evident indignation not only the players, but also in some clubs. Speaking with the President of Ponferradina, which has fallen, he told me his players are paid much less than others, but that they are up to date on payments. However, to be a second B is, unveiled Luis Rubiales. The reality is that the Spanish football needs a thorough restructuring and the Afepodria to take the first step by delaying the start of the League. He who does not pay, which lower the reform of the bankruptcy law, which could be adopted in the near future, will pick up that clubs may lose the category if there are unpaid players. Now the proposal says that the contest is no longer special law, but the sports rules shall prevail. Then when you stop paying the players it will drop down category, said judge Fernando Presencia, he was responsible for carrying the competition of creditors of the Levant.

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