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Public Education And Health

As is the case with housing, transition to market principles of payment in public education and health can not be forced, because wages and, therefore, the whole cost structure of pay for those services excluded at their market value. Meanwhile, spending on these purposes of the consolidated budget in the reform reduced the time and absolutely, and as a share of GDP. For example, spending on education, made up in the late 80's 5.3%, decreased to 4.3%. For even more details, read what “CEO Levi Strauss & Co.
says on the issue. C macroeconomic point of view this is a huge blow to the qualitative level of human capital, not to mention the direct social consequences. Reducing the level of education – one of the foundations for a stable material poverty. Noted above, significant deterioration in demographic indicators – the result, in particular, and the decline of health.

Under these conditions, the forced transition to paid education and medicine paid more undermine the human capital of Russia – and intellectually, and physically. Such reforms, if they are needed, should be postponed until the economy enters a phase of sustainable recovery. Thus it is necessary to ensure that the proportion spending on education and health care in GDP in no case does not fall further, and possibly increased slightly. Only this, combined with economic growth will come at least pre-crisis level of these costs. A special issue – the fate of social enterprises. There is now a mass escape from enterprises of this sphere, because costs by more often unaffordable enterprises in crisis. The preferred option – transfer of social enterprises in the balance of local authorities, who at some assistance from the federal budget to prevent the extinction of the sphere. Transfer of commercial structures excludes the possibility of wider use of it's employees and other citizens in their respective regions.

Particularly negative consequences of such privatization in cities and regions where the social sphere enterprises was virtually the only developed a system of such institutions. Creating such a system again in the market environment is practically impossible in the near future. All of the additional cost and other investments social services have a twofold positive effect on the macroeconomy. First, they allow you to maintain and develop quantitative and qualitative parameters of the labor force (human capital) and, secondly, – stimulate aggregate demand. From both points of view, such investments contribute to the restoration and growth of the Russian economy. They can be regarded as one of the most effective and humane public investments and public funds.

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Quarry Bank High School

John Lennon (John Lennon) John Lennon born in Liverpool on October 9, 1940 at 6:00 am for 30 minutes. The world greeted his sirens and bomb explosions: one night, Hitler's air force carried out another devastating raid on the town. It seems that John's entire haunted life, the number nine. 9th Born – 9 th died. Read more from Levi’s to gain a more clear picture of the situation. November 9, he met with manager Brian Epstein and his second wife Yoko Ono.

He often lived in houses with the numbers 9 – from maternity to hotel rooms. Needless to say, This figure appeared in his songs – One after 909", Revolution 9", Number 9 dream … Even if we add together the digits of the year of his death (1980), we get nine. And so on. John's father, Fred, served as a steward on a merchant vessel and the house almost did not happen. In 1942, the mother Lennon – Julia was sobscheno that her husband was missing.

One to raise her son was now beyond his power. So John was 18 months in the custody of one of the sisters Julia, Mimi Stanley. At 4 years, John entered the elementary school nearby from the famous streets of modern Penny Lane. He very early began to compose himself, mostly poetry, which he himself had illustrated. In 1952, John Lennon moved from primary to secondary school, called Quarry Bank High School. It was a typical English school with strict discipline and rigid routine, do not yield the institute. John with his untamed nature never was there even an average student, naprtiv, from the very beginning of the school declared war on rules of conduct.

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Few Moments

In my life. From my point of view are few moments. From one's own are many. It would be nice if one way or another the story of the book is just here, but no. After a while I conclude that I have not reached any conclusion.

My friend continues to maintain his point of view, as there are many moments of happiness in my list (and I can not say that is not right, that is your point of view and respect and I do) but I at the bottom me, I still feel that it is not. I have not had so many happy moments as well doubt of the few I've had. As I can tell what my happy moments and which not? Every moment of my life is at the same time something good and something bad at a time. So, as I can tell what the happy moments of my life, to know what unhappy separate so you can say look here I was happy? I can have a vision, an understanding of my own happiness? When I was at the bottom I have no specific definition or at least a reference point different from what I have now, (which made me realize that I was not much use)?! Cause I keep thinking and thinking about the same? As is to be happy? Anyone know how to do? From where I can learn this? You can learn? Or just feel it? By saying no conclusion on my list, no point of reference, no foundation from which to start to finish, to be capase to understand where I come and I have to do to reach a greater number of happiness in my little notebook.

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