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Evo Morales

His successor, Sebastian Pinera opponent, not hesitate an instant subordinated to the current mandatory and make available designated Ministers, as well as their technical teams on behalf of the common good. Regardless of the political ideologies of both. If Bachelet asked Chileans force, Pinera was moved into the private sector, which comes with the slogan with which christened its plan: Levantemos Chile. There was no meanness their part or the outgoing President, something that his people had not forgiven them amid the despair and anxiety face a landscape that, from night to morning, changed dramatically and it will take long time rebuilding, perhaps as much as dealing with traumas and fears. Fortunately as it has been demonstrated, race huma facing these situations always manifests itself and not hesitate in working together to help in whatever necessary, so it reminds us the Publisher of the cited journal, which from the outside, all the differences that can be seen daily between Presidents so dissimilar and distant as Barack Obama and Hugo Chavez seemed to disappear for a moment.

The President of Peru, Alan Garcia, whose country maintains an old lawsuit with Chile by the maritime boundary in the international tribunal in the Hague, as well as their peers in Bolivia, Evo Morales, and of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, they deposed all hostile attitude against Chile. Pope Benedicto XVI championed the victims. In turn, President Cristina Kirchner communicated the same day with Bachelet to offer you what you need. Very significant words of the Publisher, when signaled, which from these columns, from which have praised in recent times the degree of civic culture achieved by the Chileans, we advocate for the speedy recovery of a country that throughout its history, has been able to heal their wounds, raising the front and move forward in difficult as the current hours. The words of its President are, as well as a message of encouragement to his people, clearer synthesis that which, if possible, transmitiriamos to a neighbor and friend in misfortune: strength, Chile!. Since then, events, collaborations that give step to that force and where the State, plus population must participate together to escape from the situation is required.

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Venezuela Government

He has since then helped them face unemployment, because they are used in Venezuela you professional services of many Cubans in all aspects, which represents a saving to the Cuban Government, but also serious problems of employment for the Venezuelan, them which many have been displaced in favour of technical and professional workmanship of Cubans favor. However the Cuban Government should think seriously about the fact that the financial support offered by Venezuela in the form of oil could have its days numbered if Hugo Chavez does not ensure their power in the 2012 presidential election., which can be a reality. True, says the source of information indicated that among the innovations of the reform is the authorization for Cubans to choose among the 178 activities on their own account and become taxi drivers, to explode small restaurants or open hairdressing salons. For assistance, try visiting CEO Keith McLoughlin. Citizens may, for example, sell their products or services to State agencies, marketing of foodstuffs that were previously banned, open accounts and access to bank credit. On the other hand, there will be more freedom for agricultural production and will be entered something of private property and market with the aim of overcoming the challenge of importing 80% of products consumed in the island. In the construction sector is also permitted the building of housing that will help to alleviate the situation of deficit and precariousness of the constructions.

Also added us that an interesting aspect to be considered is that in order to cope with the changes, delve into economic activity being searched, the only exit that has Cuba is aid to reach international agencies or through a change in attitude of the American Government. USA can be the salvation of Cuba table if there is a major ideological shift in the island. For now, the announcement of reforms in Cuba has resulted in gestures such as those announced earlier this year that softens restrictions on travel and the sending of remittances to Cubans that are not familiar.

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