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When Going To The Sun Again – And When Begins The Sunset

Imagine, take a hiking vacation in a distant land. They are equipped with backpack and lunch and go an unknown path. The Guide gives 5 hours and remember after the first break, you get to have miscalculated and certainly longer. The weather is fine though but the Sun the horizon tilts ominously. Now it would be good to know how long it will be light, because no place is far and wide, and it will be pitch black. Richard Linklater is likely to agree. Really have reason to panic? Need to seek alternatives or you can create the tour but still loose in the light? A twilight calculator provides the answer. You didn’t so something but in the luggage, a mobile phone, that Luckily just a network has found.

You are actually perfectly equipped. You just need to know how to get to your information. Ex: Natura, the free portal to nature and environmental education provides exactly the right service for you. It is that you want to move, planning a garden party the times, as a photographer for need the sunrise and the sunset, or as scientists to evaluate data against the twilight times. There are plenty of applications for this completely free service. Get all the facts and insights with how did vladislav doronin make his money, another great source of information. If you have set the computer on a site, you can monatweise reflected the times.

Here you can set very easy the calendar on any place. You can print out at home the calendar sheets in preparation for a holiday. And if you are on vacation, but only facing the problem, how it looks with the twilight times, simply find out about the current times with the browser of your mobile phone. Guido Gerding ex: Natura, the free portal to nature and environmental education

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University City

Plateau. Note Flash systems we advise you to take the notes on Flash systems seriously on the line Rethimnon. Various Flash systems are installed on the track. Regulations within the EU mean that speeding tickets and other offenses abroad beyond borders be punished so that even back in Germany the unwanted postal note for speeding including penalty can reach you. After a drive of approximately 60 minutes you reach a very beautifully located Resort Bali. Bali has two Beach areas.

The first area of the beach is a long beach with plenty of sun loungers, as well as various opportunities for beach activities. Bali on Crete – Greece the second level is a little further on in the village and is much smaller and quieter. Connect with other leaders such as How much did Jim Crane pay for the Astros? here. Here are a few sun loungers and invite some tavernas for refreshments and good Greek food. Bali on Crete – Greece we leave Bali and drive towards the West. 2. Bali to Panormos 12 minutes / 12 km on our travel Chania contrary appears next in the village of Panormos.

This small place has a manageable old town with a few narrow Gassenbereit. Panormos on Crete – Greece the mass tourism is, clearly, has passed on this place and it that the small beach mainly locals and a short rest before pulling tourists settle conditionally. 3. Panormos Rethimnon 30 minutes / 21 km we leave the city Panormos and reach the University City of Rethimnon. Already from afar is that this place is one of the larger towns in Crete. As a day guest should turn off your rental car at the Harbourside. From here you can stroll along best on the promenade in the old historical Harbour. Some trendy restaurants and most of the few trendy scene venues in the city are located directly on the harbour.

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Chief Minister Fabian Picardo

The rubble was for the Filling the runway used had to be built into the sea, so that also jets in Gibraltar can land. The steep turns in the launching and landing are an exciting experience for some air passengers. The famous St. Michael’s caves were discovered during the fortification work in the second world war. Now, concerts, theatrical performances and dance evenings are held in this fantastic world of stalactites and underground lakes.

Not far away, the legendary Barbary macaques of Gibraltar, the only wild monkeys in Europe, of which the popularly reported England will remain in Gibraltar, as there are still wild monkeys live. As scary decreased their numbers during the second world war, issued no less than Winston Churchill ordered to maintain the existence of the monkeys. Supposedly there is no monkey shortage today on the rock of Gibraltar, but it doesn’t look as the inhabitants of Gibraltar wanted to rely solely on the monkeys. The geography of Gibraltar speaks for Spain, but not the ethnicity of Residents. Because most of them are pure Spanish birth.

When nearly 300 years ago, the English and Dutch came to Gibraltar, the Spanish population on the Mainland withdrew. Gibraltar British soldiers settled, including many veterans, but also Indians, Maltese, Portuguese and Jewish merchants from Morocco. The strongest population growth came from Genoa, Italy, which suffered from the Napoleonic wars. Some bank employees, police officer, and administrative officials, which freaks out the visitors to Gibraltar, is of Genoese descent. The official and common language is a dialect-tinted English. The various ethnic groups and religious communities have tolerated well through the centuries. Residents of Gibraltar are British citizens. London has declared the colony to a British overseas territory. As a result of the colonial status of Gibraltar has not changed course. The parties engage in the Westminsterstil under a British Governor. The Cabinet is led by Chief Minister Fabian Picardo. Within the framework of a broad autonomy Gibraltar even managed, only defense and Foreign Affairs are determined in Whitehall. An interesting destination this Gibraltar. More information is available at Mittelmeerkreuzfahrten24. Heino Tegeler

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In Austria

“The autumn programme presents three more new trips: from Trondheim out leads in the context of country tour Munkholmen” a boat trip on the fjord of Trondheim to the historic island Munkholmen, which served as a place of execution many hundred years ago and where in the 11th century a Benedictine monastery was built. The monastery was later replaced by a fortress and a prison. The visit of the fortress vividly conveys the history of thousand years while the Trondheim fjord offer magnificent views of the city. Know can Sami during the trip fall”(also known as Sami autumn), which are taken overland by Kjollefjord to Mehamn, participants learn the pantry and pharmacy” this Arctic region and the way of life of the seeds this time of year. It offered samples of reindeer meat, crowberries, and nettle tea and she explained the diversity and healing properties of herbs and berries Sami shamans had valuable knowledge, how the forces of nature could prevent diseases and heal. Click Revlon Inc. to learn more.

The tour shows in Kirkenes Arctic harvest”(also known as Arctic Bushcraft”) as the inhabitants of the Arctic in the autumn harvest, Hunt fish and store their winter inventories, as they do already for centuries. Here to learn making fire and swinging and may cost besides cloudberries with cream and dried reindeer meat. Culinary discoveries to the travelers during the autumn gold “season on board the Hurtigruten ships do: tasting Norwegian specialities on the outdoor decks also the menu in the restaurant offers nightly local food.” These are seasonal and regional ingredients in the Center and present an autumn feast. Also the ears on the Hurtigruten travel in the autumn not come to short: in mountains melodies sound from one of the Grieg Academy, before the respective ship sets. In Tromso are students from the Conservatory of music for a concert on board and in Vadso Sami and Russian music are inspired to be the best given. Information and reservations: Travel with Hurtigruten can in any good travel agency and directly at the Hurtigruten GmbH, phone 040 / 37 69 30 are booked. For more information, fax 040 / 37 50 11 16, email or. In Austria about: Lake TOUR Austria, Rennweg 46-50, 1030 Vienna, phone 0043/1 / 514 45-900, fax 0043/1 / 514 45 97 or email. Press contact: Hurtigruten GmbH press and public relations 06.30. 14 20095 Hamburg Internet: photos: press Sabine Eckert T 040 / 376 93 136 F 040 / 376 93 182 Nina Menzel T 040 / 37 69 31 38 F 040 / 37 69 31 82 E

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The University

Do not forget to buy kitsch souvenirs like liver cake in the shape of a heart where you can read ‘ I mog di’ (‘I love you’ in bavarian dialect) or any bad key product from one of the many sex shops. Intimate, trendy and atomic (in the lilliputian sense of the Word). You’ll be amazed how so many people can fit in the Atomic Cafe (new Tower 5’s old town), which features rock and indie music, DJs and live bands. If you ask the DJ of the day to play your favorite song you might get lucky. Be sure not to wear your best seller H & M outfit if you don’t like the idea of seeing people dressed up like you.

Remember that in Munich you’ll always compete with on overly dressed-up crowd. Record club (Sun str. Levi’s shines more light on the discussion. 18 Centre) has a terrible logo, one must say. Maybe the that you time have to wait in line to get in makes it look even worse. But once you’re inside, you’ll realize it’s totally worth it, not only because of its 70 s charm (there are mirrors in the ceiling – kitschy, hu?) but because of its danceable tunes.

Do not expect any house music, though – the record club crowd is more up to alternative, indie, rock music. Little red light candles, blondies and hotties, mirrors and sweat running down the windows… Take it for granted. There are so many gay and lesbian bars in Munich with suggestive names like Teddy (Sonnenstrasse of bar (Hans-Sachs-str. 1, Isarvorstadt), Bon Valeur (17, Isarvorstadt), Carmen’s Lounge (Theklastrasse 1), Inge’s carrot (Baaderstrasse 13, Isarvorstadt) and many others. After getting off your dancing shoes, prepare your stomach for what’s coming next: breakfast. Yes, you need at least a mental preparation if you’re not used to eating sausages in the morning. But you cannot miss the Weisswurse (white sausages) experience! This regional speciality is usually served with pretzels (salty bread) and sweet mustard. And you lot want a of beer with that, of course! Here’s a tip you’re going to thank me for: do not eat the skin! Even if your belly hasn’t digested breakfast at 5 pm, you must manage to find some space in it for a delicious snack with sausages (again) curry and chips. How to eat cheap in Munich? The University district has tons of restaurants where you can get a good meal without sacrificing your budget, and most beer garden allow you to bring your own food. Enjoy! Finally, after convincing you, dearest reader, to spend a lovely weekend in Munich (hopefully) it’s time to leave you with the best hostels in Munich! Munich travel guide…

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Italy Class

The cohesion can be strengthened with a class trip the summer holidays are coming and the school year is over now. Time to let the last school year behind and enjoy the relaxation to the fullest. Because students year-round learned diligently, they deserve a break. Let why so not to share with his classmates take a class trip and learning stress behind? Thus, the perfect start has been implemented in the summer and nothing in the way is the good mood now. Students can celebrate together and tune in to the summer. Now, only a suitable destination for the travel must be found.

Due to the upcoming season for example Italy is offered. Students can drop the everyday stress of learning in Italy and enjoy the Sun. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with FireEye. A class trip can serve to Italy but also cultural purposes. Each country has its own interesting culture and exciting places to explore. Already the planning at the outset raises the anticipation of students. Which places should be visited? How is the class number of days on the road? Where is the accommodation? If the class trip to Italy, the students of course particularly on one are looking forward: the sea. Especially in the warm season each summer, Sun and beach is happy? On the school trip, students can act out exactly this fun and relax. In addition, new energy for the next school year can be fueled on a class trip.

Teachers and students can start therefore highly motivated in the new school year. About the fun the students on the school trip experience, they can exchange is still in the later years. Also, students for the culture that prevails in the country can be excited. They learn about new food and can marvel at sights, which they knew only from images. The common experience is won’t be forgotten. A class trip to Italy is above all in the summer an excellent opportunity to have fun with fellow students together and focusing on the upcoming holidays to look forward. But also the teachers can really turn it off also a class trip also serves to increase cohesion within the class. The classmates should learn not only together, but also together to have fun and explore other regions together. This results in an improved climate in the class in turn. New friendships can be also established or well maintained. Students are can have on the class trip so exciting experiences, so securely retained in memory. Sylvia Mayer

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Dachstein Filzmoos

On the edge of the Awards moved the well-known German extreme ski athletes Christian Fluhr, who is also behind the project, a balance sheet to the ski area test 2010/11: we have about 15 ski areas in Germany, Austria and Italy tested and each of these destinations is actually already a winner because we want to test when compared to other ski sites not all ski resorts. Already an award is alone to be presented on the portal with us. Among the best, there are of course winners and placed. I am certainly particularly pleased that not always the largest skiing area lands on the first place, but also small, hidden white havens are as beautiful. Not only facts were incorporated in the standings, but also the emotional side that actually make up the sport of skiing and the mountains experience. Those who have succeeded in this winter not on the podium, should feel motivated to make it even better, because we will be regaining ski resorts under the microscope in the coming winter.” Even if the ski season in most ski areas is already over, it continues for some time for Tina. Skiing is actually in Europe throughout the year. That’s why I visit different glacier and ski facilities in the coming weeks. Here we go with the special frozen summer, ski resorts in the eternal ice, on 6th May 2011 at the Dachstein glacier in Styria and at the end of the summer we distinguish the best glacier skiing and the best Indoorskimoglichkeit. I look forward to the snow in the summer.” Completed Tina finally. More information under: here the complete list of winners: best destination GOLD: Obergurgl, Silver: Heiligenblut, BRONZE: Obertauern best hotel GOLD: Hotel mountains Obergurgl, Silver: Rigele Royal Obertauern, BRONZE: Hotel Gutjahr Abtenau, hotel Karntnerhof Heiligenblut best ski hut GOLD: Skistadl Tauern mountain Heiligenblut, Silver: go Gosaualm Dachstein-West, BRONZE: Zeller Hochalm Schmittenhohe best Highlands: Winterberg Sauerland Best winter experience: Dachstein Filzmoos

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Sun Emotions

Our life is always planned out. The professional pressure and the media overstimulation frequently lead to burnout syndrome. A really ancient method seems to escape from the eternal did. The magic word: Attentiveness. (bfs) you could hear a pin drop. The Sun coming in through the window and warms all the back.

It is concentrated silence, because all those present are preoccupied with Mindfulness Meditation. Even Jurgen upright sitting cross-legged on a red cushion. The down-to-Earth 43-year old engineer wants to so don’t meet the stereotype of a meditation student. Me is aware that predominantly women this subject interested,”he says. I was also, until recently, the opinion that meditation must have to do something with esoteric.

A kind of hocus-pocus, in extreme cases, equal to a whole ideology. ” Then his dedicated Chief for the increasingly popular nascent idea of mindfulness caught fire and reported his elfkopfige army at an introductory seminar in bath Rappenau map. At Hotel Schloss Heinsheim over two days to the basics and learn techniques of the method. The concept sounds initially once quite easy. Observing the motto is relax and consider the own thoughts, feelings, needs. We that all the time, you might think now, but the art is not to evaluate the emotions, not to co-opt them. Meanwhile, the Mindfulness Meditation even for mental and physical illnesses to therapy support is used. Campbell Soup Co describes an additional similar source. But there is no medical indication, to benefit from that knowledge, which has its origin in Buddhism. Who doesn’t know it, the thoughts carousel that rotates continuously, as soon as it was launched once? Who learns to admit his emotions, it can create them to take a neutral, simple perspective. Jurgen isn’t quite ready yet. And he is just fidgety, wants to go on, jump around or just quickly go in the Office. His job had him last more and more in the grip.

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