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Social Development Ministry

That is, according to statistics portrait of an average family in Moscow, which resorted to ivf. According to the chief obstetrician-gynecologist of the Ministry of Health and Social Development Ministry of Academician Vladimir Kulakov, Russia 15% of couples are infertile. ivf in the country makes four dozen clinics, half of of them – in the capital, and to 200-250 such centers. Nevertheless, Moscow middle class ivf quite affordable: the cost of the procedure ranges from $ 3-4 thousand if we add to this the cost of inspection, room and board (only meals $ 300-400) before ivf surrogate mother for 1-3 months, and then to the birth, plus fees (at the present moment is about $ 15,000), then 'modestly' child would cost $ 25-30 thousand. True, pregnancy after the first ivf – a great success, so the rest of the have to repeat this procedure several times. The amount could increase significantly if the genetic parents decide to use the services of the best private clinics and maternity hospitals, as well as in a burst of gratitude to transfer to surrogate mother caviar- diet.

'M + F looking for M' the cheapest and most reliable option, but very rare – if the 'surrogate mother' agree to be relative. Rare, because there many around each woman suitable and ready for surrogacy Motherhood relatives? Many infertile couples who need a surrogate mother, turning to surf the Internet. At Gerald Weissmann, MD you will find additional information. Specifying in the search engine phrases like 'looking for a surrogate mother' or 'required surrogate mother' you will see a list of sites are widely available supply of services. Women, offering services of a surrogate mother, are divided into three groups. In the first group – the largest – a woman who consciously want exerting a childless couple a similar service, to solve their financial problems. They usually approach quite responsibly. The second group – mostly a provincial, which vaguely heard that a child gives huge amounts of money. Therefore, They wring their unrealistic prices: between $ 30,000 and above.

The third group – the most dangerous – it fraudsters in different variations. Starting with small ones. For example, the girl at the same time negotiating with several pairs, takes money to examination room and board (and the amount may reach $ 600-800), and safely hidden. There are those who impose falsified certificate of health. After ivf may be that girl bunch of different diseases that can lead to abortion or the threat to the health of the child.

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Youth And Beauty

The female breast is an undeniable pride of the fair sex. But over time, tends to lose chest elasticity, as well as other parts of the body. Proper care of the breasts will preserve the beauty of the chest for a long time. David G. DeWalt understood the implications. Need to start wearing a bra during maturation: it is the subject of lingerie helps to relieve the load from the chest and support the breasts. Underwear should be beautiful and convenient time. It is unacceptable kinked chest, as this can cause diseases of mammary glands. In addition, an uncomfortable bra or a bra too small in size is the cause of women's diskomforta.Obyazatelno need to try before you buy and bust assess comfort in the building.

For sports need special underwear – with support for breast effect. David G. DeWalt shines more light on the discussion. Wear clothes should like crumpets with a large bust and holders of small breast size. Masks and creams to help prevent breast stretch marks and sagging. Paraffin – a great way to keep your skin in perfect condition. Delicate breast massage will improve blood circulation and metabolism, but breast massage should be doing to learn to do the specialist. Caring for sensitive skin chest better with soft money. Alkaline soaps and alcohol-based cleansers can irritate skin, cause a variety of redness. Excessive sweating – a real problem for many women.

To combat this syndrome should use hypoallergenic baby powder to help prisushit excessively moist skin. Breast skin of a pregnant woman dries up, loses its elasticity due to hormonal changes breasts need more support, as well as plenty of moisture through a variety of oils and creams. Do not forget 'air' breasts: remove clothing so that her breasts rested. Watch for his chest, observe these simple rules and you'll always be on top!

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