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The Anatomy

As it is perceived they are several challenges that the components of the education have that to face. Amongst these Braz challenges apud Moore; Dalley (2009), therefore the related authors discourse on the difficulty of understanding on the part of the students on the anatomical terminology, therefore the majority of the terms is derived from Latin and the Greek one and is important that the professor elucidates on the meaning of these terms the pupils, thus will be more easy the assimilation of the content. A sufficiently important factor in the education is the planning, therefore it evidences the value of the control and organization that are primordial to get a good performance in the learning. ' ' In a regimen containment politician, the planning all starts to be highly efficient flag for the control and order of the system educativo' ' (KUENZER, 2003, P. 41). He is excellent to cite the necessity of a planning, therefore many educators disagree with this procedure.

Any activity, to have success, needs to be planned. The planning is a species of guarantee of the results. being the education, especially the pertaining to school education, a systematic activity, an organization of the learning situation, it needs very serious planning evidently. If it cannot improvise the education, either which will be its level (CASTRATES et al. apud SCHMITZ, 2000, p.101). In a didactic lesson of anatomy she is basic to contain in the lesson plan; application of seminaries using the models, questions directed to the referring pupils to the didactic material, groups of research on one determined material didactic, among others, in this way the educator can explore the material without it has monotony. Formation of the professors for the boarding of the anatomy content human being Is of utmost importance that the professor has a preparation adjusted as for the boarding of the anatomy content, therefore what still it is perceived is the disqualification of the professor in transmitting of clear form the content due not to have a preparation in this direction.

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