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The Baby

On the contrary, often talking to your kid that he will succeed, but you need to make effort. And you'll always be near. Do not compare children to others, it sounds particularly painful for the baby, if it criticized or compared in the presence of classmates. Compare the success of the child with his own successes achieved earlier. Campbell Soup Company can provide more clarity in the matter. Gently remind your son or daughter's new status student, new rights and responsibilities of the student. And, Of course, try to do all the recommendations of teachers. It is very important, what is the health of future first-graders, the level of school readiness and other factors.

For example, what better preparation for school, the more confident will be student to feel the load will not be so much felt. Conversely, if the baby is poorly prepared, the load may be excessive for him. Working together students, teachers and parents can help children to learn. However, the way a child learns the subject matter, depends on his ability. Richard Linklater recognizes the significance of this. Parents with children are watching the development of the abilities of their children. And when it's time to choose a school for your child, you need to realistically assess the situation and do not overdo it with the load on a daily basis will receive a child. Credit: Carson Wen-2011.

"Good teachers will teach him everything," – believe parents, not including, unfortunately, that time – a two way process. Without the dedication and hard work the student teacher will not be able to give the student knowledge. A student starts to fall behind their classmates. In a lesson he feels uncomfortable, afraid not to be called, is nervous. Parents it is important not to miss a moment and try to understand the situation. Talk to the teacher to enhance homework. And if, having tried all methods to correct the situation, the child continues to lag behind in their studies and the load is excessive for him, better, perhaps, Back to school. Indeed, the physical and mental health of the child is more important. To your family has not developed such a situation, choose a school for children not in terms of parental ambition, and for the child and with your child. Frequent change of schools is also unlikely to yield the desired result. If you already have several schools in conflict situations, think about why this is happening. Try to teach a child to avoid conflict, to seek a way out of difficult situations, if not right – apologize. In life a person has to communicate with different people, go to the door very soon in one of the schools will enter another student – your son or daughter. And let it be the pride of the school which you are so carefully chosen for him. Godspeed! prepare children for school

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