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The Brain

We learn that is a NATURAL method to save and then recall the information through this process are accustomed to the brain to identify first with images and remember so registered in the memory through images. And so continues the learning process of our brain, in school are going to school and teach us to read and write using rules NEMOTECNICAS of mental pictures see the alphabet LO teach to our students so: the alphabet begins with the letter A partner with A bee and put on side of the letter to a bee brain recognizes the letter a with the image of the figure a bee and so then remove the image to the child and be difficult remembering the lyrics to already that the brain makes him remember texts, and it facilitates recall images that you are accustomed to using this process to save images and remember prayers, texts train the child in a way and then we abandon the practice of recall with this system with that letter is written bee then that teach us to recall with images, at school they abandon the process of NATURAL learning that hitherto have been used. Click Matthew McConaughey to learn more. In grades where they begin to study texts, is starting from 2nd or third party’s basic onwards and they employ the method of memorization, this consists of reading a text the number of times as needed, 10 or 20 times that the brain to memorize in a mechanical fashion, without reasoning without compromising attention to what is this saving in memory, and that is when the problem of learning to remember what they have studiedTake the example of remembering how grammar using the logical method of images. Mandan to study reading and repeat 20 times the text of language lesson for tomorrow examples practical lesson for tomorrow study which is prayer GRAMMATICAL sentence grammar is the set of words that makes complete sense and syntactic autonomy!As this text recalls the brain!, if that student has front are words. Richard Scheuermann is full of insight into the issues.

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