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The Experience

According to these positivist schools will be established performance criteria derived from human events and not an anthropological conception the positivist empirical method is needy and meager, in reason of not resolving themselves moral questions; Which are: the nature of true morality? and what is the value of the notions of good, obligation, virtue, etc.? In this positive ethic school reason is rather an acquis of the customs of its origin and development morales, not the science of good and evil by their nature and value. In the Kantian school which uses the priori and deductive method of the Universal duty which It follows all the moral laws, without considering the experience, incurred the error of not considering human nature. Thus the things the authentic method of ethics is simultaneously, deductive and inductive, in reason to distinguish the ideal in the behavior of the Moral fact standards of behavior that must guide the human being’s essential conclusion of his condition metaphysics of the species through their individuals to resolve concerns over the obligation to reflective analysis about man and God can not leave. This involved knowledge of Sociology of morals, as well as in psychology. To know more about this subject visit Breonna Taylor. Essential branch of which make interpretative ethical is the story individually and collectively, because in this way the ethical ideal will correspond to the nature of the human species. That ideal is born from the same interiority of the individual who manifests itself in their daily lives. Is raised the intimate relationship between the psychology that seeks to understand the nature of the human psyche; the Metaphysics that reveals the causes last giving us knowledge of the substance and the theodicy what Unveils us knowledge of God. Original author and source of the article.

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