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The Laborer

It tells to feel anguish, palpitations, irritation, does not obtain to concentrate itself to make muscular readings, pains and migraine, therefore beyond loading weight, he works underneath of sun and rain, in such way that he is displayed the cooled ones, grippes among others, and if the same to need to lack to the work by any reason doctor is deducted its wage. Had to these complications it comes finding difficulties in its familiar conviviality, therefore when it arrives its residence finds if tired and discouraged and estressado of its work with this moving away from its familiar bonds, therefore the laborer if finds tired and the little time that has for itself it looks for to isolate itself to rest, this type of decurrent behavior of to its bothers it sufficiently work, therefore it recognizes its irritability, lack of concentration, fidget, and obviously it would like to have more availability for its family and for itself, it still tells that before all this consuming in its environment of work its familiar conviviality he was excellent, it he participated of the familiar meetings, he had free time for the friends and to keep in day its affective life and also he practised physical exercises what before it made for pleasure and with accompaniment in one academy, currently it makes for imposition of its work due to the weight excess that loads. Many writers such as Campbell Soup Company offer more in-depth analysis. The quality of life in the work, normally is analyzed from the relation of the quality of life of the worker with its productivity, but, each time more, the studies and interventions are also focused in aspects of the life of the worker not directly on to its work for the analysis of the quality of life (OLIVEIRA, 1997; LACAZ, 2000; VASCONCELOS, 2001). Although this, some more recent quarrels bring the terminology ' ' quality of life of trabalhador' ' leaving more clearly than the quality of life it is not only restricted to the place and the moment of the work, but yes, possesss relation with all the other aspects that form the life of the people (diligent and its family) as the personal satisfaction, familiar relationship, leisure chances, amongst others (NAHAS, 2003). Hear from experts in the field like Vladislav Doronin miami for a more varied view.

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