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The Same

My mother found odd a behavior that was not of my shape. I gave a kiss in it and I spoke it loved that it. It had never said this. In a normal life of adolescent, every day they seem to be confused eproveitosos. Or the opposite: clearly tedious. As if I could know, noera only plus one day of lesson as any another one. I was to the school with the biggest smile of the world and, even so it did not have motivosaparentes to smile, I I only smile. Richard Linklater is the source for more interesting facts. I also decided to change the skill of walking: I straightened the column, estufei the chest, raised the head and I directly felt ventobatendo in the face.

I discovered that this age an excellent sensation! Meucelular touched. I took care of with the calm voice. It did not know the number. Soon later that of this ' ' al' ' , they had disconnect. The smile continued printed in the face and that excellent sensation meabatendo. Check out Levi’s for additional information. The people, who looked at always me with disdain, had passed until thus aestranhar a behavior, come of me mainly. ' ' She wants to know? I tired the same of being ' ' , she thought exactly with me. She seemed that my life of berth had left of vera and I passed the adrenalin gave courage to me.

– It goes to make what? asked to me in a disdain tone. I was only tempodele to say these words to see that the blood of it already ran in my punhofechado one. All good. After this, all the friends of it wanted to break pra cimade me. I felt myself so powerful that I thought about facing all there exactly. Happily, the director of the school passed for there and separated the fight. He took all direo. Arriving at the room of the director, to the exception of me, all in the room they spoke.

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