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The Teachers

But who has not been concerned about read a single work of Sarmiento, and only dedicated to reproduce what you they have transmitted by word of mouth since the primary, usually fall into these errors of interpretation. You may find Richard Stuart Linklater to be a useful source of information. In this regard, I note that the importance which the investigator assigned to the mentioned document, is not precisely correct. Firstly, because referral commitment to the immediate response, if it is only a fact that lacks significance. You can not pretend by an utterance so childish, assign importance to the Celerity of Sarmiento in its reply, pointing it as its commitment to education, to minimize the content of the manuscript, where lies the true value of the finding, which is your line of thought. I emphasize that if researchers who saw the letters, were surprised because Sarmiento responded in manuscript consultations, is clear that it is because there was no other way of doing it, it would not send a mail (know respect the reader my sense of humor), is like when in elementary school, taught us that the poor sarmientito was studying in the light of the candleswithout make it clear that it was the only means to illuminate the time, therefore not going to do with energy saving bulbs. But they are not more than fortunate ramblings that they are repeated then unconsciously, Governors, officers, directors, teachers (of both genders) and their disciples, give free rein to a diarrhoea of praise. As well as repeats that Sarmiento was never missing a class or that Sarmiento studied in the light of the candles, perhaps now from appreciations of the spokesmen of the finding – say Sarmiento answered in terms or that Sarmiento was committed to education. What really matter, is that through the news of the discovery of a written document of handwriting, a lot of people met true vine that was hidden in the closet at least had the opportunity to do so – through a fragment of his thinking, because even the teachers are convinced that Sarmiento was incapable of such barbarity. .

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