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The Tragic

This you It will generate the worker a new consciousness of itself, is going to have more free time and may take longer to read. So originates a secularization of culture, and an intellectual and artistic exchange that since the 12th century establishing a trade between East and West, North and South; It is a cosmopolitan culture, they undertake cross-, pilgrimages, lodges are formed, and students and teachers traveling from University at University. Cervantes and Shakespeare are spokesmen for the new era, and in his works reflected the end of the medieval world, of the cavalry and its ideals. Thus, Spain, where brighter had the Cavalry, was where he had his greatest defeat, and before the thrust from the English and Dutch, the hidalgo enriched with gold that came from America, ended many times in rogue and vagabond. In addition, the Counter-Reformation, closed all possibilities for their entry into modernity. We find that the tension between the real world and the ideal, became an antithetical relationship in Shakespeare.

In the age On average, while greater was the conflict between this world and the more there, however, the tragic conflict did not. Political realism is which is going to show, and take the conflict moves to the soul of the hero. This will be the great work of Shakespeare. And thus, the moralities theatrical performances – which express the psychological struggle, they will take the tragic conflict of conscience that will appear in the dramas of Shakespeare in Elizabethan drama, and thus, the tragic fate of the hero becomes the reason for many of his dramas. Here also appears the Protestant idea of predestination which is simultaneous with the formation of the modern tragedy. Why drew Hauser, who in Shakespeare his overflowing vitality corresponded best to the current concept of the Renaissance. We find in the field of the paideia, education is no longer in the hands of the Church, thanks to the emergence of vernacular languages.

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