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To Daniel

And as a conclusion will be that there are 9 + 7 + 4 + 2 = 22 different possibilities to pay 17 with the required conditions. CONCLUSIONS. The authors have shown that in numerous tasks that appear in the different grades of the elementary school in the subject area of mathematics, the teacher needs to have clarity of how many and what solution possibilities that exist. This we must recognize them and teach them from in the early grades. Solve them by score, systematic testing, use testing strategies and error is the task of the teacher. In many situations of life, to make informed decisions, it is necessary to systematically cover all possibilities; said in other words, you must first specify an alternative, to then consider the possibilities through a complete differentiation of cases correctly, this is not only part of mathematical thought, but all correct thought. Combinatorics facilitates the development of thought, in addition, contributes to teach methods of thought which are typical of mathematics. BIBLIOGRAPHY.

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