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The person is the mask, the set of roles, roles, social labels that we carry over. The spiritual beings are simple beings, are humble beings in the sense that they perceive in a relationship of equality and fraternity with all the others. Spirituality is universal love. Universal love is central because academic knowledge is important, but never enough for responsible behaviour. Happiness is not personal but transpersonal, not ego, but of being.

Being is not personal, it is Universal, so my happiness is related to the happiness of the other. The aim is to overcome the suffering and achieve happiness, we all want to live in peace and be happy, for that serves the spiritual intelligence that leads us from ignorance to wisdom, hence to the liberation of the mind. Spiritual intelligence consists of a vision fair and arreactiva of reality, aversion, or attachment, neither reject, nor cling, it’s look with equanimity the reality to understand it as it is. Happiness and perfection is our true nature. Spirituality is the ultimate context of meaning, is where we find the fundamental answers to our existence. Spirituality is the selfconsciousness of our fundamental identity with all beings. If there is no love in our heart we have nothing, only ashes, we’re going to destroy ourselves and we are going to destroy the planet.

Spiritual intelligence is the foundation of a healthy, creative and happy life, serves for everything, serves to live responsibly to be creative and fully in society. It is the only intelligence through which we can overcome suffering and achieve true happiness. Spiritual intelligence is the most important of the intelligences, is at a level higher than the multiple intelligences and emotional intelligence, is exclusively human. This means that emotional intelligence does not grant moral address ethical behavior, only trains to the emotional control of the situation, but not to see sense or global significance of the same.

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