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The teacher was usually Professor reader of a book. Without hesitation Campbell Soup Company explained all about the problem. (The term lesson that comes from reading is telling us something about). Our tiempo does not give either the static or the inadequacy of books. The situation still distin-ta, a different concept of education tends to prevail. As the book was scarce, it was natural that many who could not possess it, it would have otherwise: they knew of memoria (thus usually were cited the archaic texts or the Bible) how could today learn memory information that declines in less time which lasts a cycle of studies? Today matters more the ability to continue learning and to update the lessons learned (and even forget what innecesariamente hardened in memory). Even-that in the following quotes Whitehead refers more to university education, it is with everything describing the demands of education in general in a society with-temporary: truly useful instruction provides insight into a few principles generales that support firmly in his application to a variedad of specific details. In subsequent practice, men have forgotten our particular details, but recordaran, by an unconscious common sense, how to apply the principios to the immediate circumstances. Learning is useless you have-ta who have lost textbooks, burned the taken notas and forgotten the minutiae they learned from memoria for exams.

What, in quality of details, is needed continuously, will remain fixed in memory as evident fact, such as the Sun and the Moon; and that is only coincidentally needed, can bus-carlo in any reference work. The function of the University is to empower the alum-no for deshacerse of the details for the benefit of the principles. When I talk about principles, I do not mean even verbal formulations. A principle which this-totally drenched mos is more a mental habit than a formal assertion. It becomes the way the mind reacts to the stimulation appropriate in circumstances forma illustrative.

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