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University Enoch Olinga

Macon, Georgia, April 15, 2008: the launch of the ENOCIS basic English program for students of Spanish-speaking in 2007 has succeeded in attracting such an influx of students that the University Enoch Olinga has seen the necessity of establishing a new web site in Spanish of Panama, Latin America and the Caribbean. For more information see this site: American filmmaker. Panama. enocis. org. ENOCIS expected for this level of personal attention for the student body to achieve greater satisfaction with the program, to be able to respond quickly and personally to your needs. Previously, ENOCIS used an Office centralized in the United States to respond to requests from students around the world.

One of the directors of ENOCIS Panama, Yecenia Aguilar C, said, I hope that this more personalized attention, using the language and culture each student natales, improve the educational experience, adding that, it is obviously necessary to develop a universal language that can be used around the world to minimize misunderstanding and confusion between different races and cultures. The Enoch Olinga College of Intercultural Studies, Inc., as it is known in English, is an institution of higher education whose purpose is to provide the equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree from four-year international students who, for various reasons, cannot physically attend an accredited university online. There is a great demand for higher education in many regions of the world that do not can be satisfied locally, due to limited resources, lack of a qualified teaching staff, or the expense of attending traditional educational institutions. The costly alternative of travelling abroad to continue University studies is viable for very few people. Education and access to opportunities is what separates the technologically developed nations that are developing. There should not be a binding relationship between excellence, the ability to serve the community, and the financial resources that enable educate children so that they contribute to the technological progress of their Nations.

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