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World Universities

Three different proposals have been global universities of the UN which is the University of the people that has been in the first of their operations to 200 students mainly from china. The proposal of the OCWC open courseware consortium is a hundred universities around the world headed by carnegie mellon USAy in mexico represented by tec de monterrey the most side of the country they intend to free all content of undergraduate and graduate online racing and free worldwide. Our proposal is the Obamauniversity to certify a million webmasters and then pass to the development of other races especially in the ingenieriade information technologies, we can only hope the approval of barack obama. These proposals are very interesting in itself same but as in reality and in that way are projected in the first months or years so that they can translate into a viable way to operate. We hope that all work for the good of millions of people who are eager to power study at University and that for economic reasons or time could do him, now in your computer is the possibility to finish a race all three proposals are totally different to the UN of course there’s a plan controlled by a single institution and that makes it possible to think that hayun master plan that will make the plan has time and budget to be able to materialize, in the event that for political reasons is deflected or a very important loss be truncated so serious. In the case of the proposed multiple OCWC is clear already is perseverante mass criticism that the project aborted not because sialgun partner as tec de monterrey nofuncione can incorporate many other universities both national anivel as world. Let us hope that all original author and source of the article be translated.

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