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Human Coaching Director

It would be good to consider someday, that Coaching is more than just a practice focused understood guidance under the ontological statements of the: awaken-, discover-, raise awareness – be. (4) And under my approach, it would be time to hold accountable the Coach of its strategy, technique, and practice that directly influence the level of productivity of the individual (Executive) or organization (template). It is clear that the Coach has been leading the process, plan, be it organizational change or personal change, and has direct from an authority whose purpose is the improvement of productivity. This implies of course, then take the reins of the strategy.

If it does not, as then, could Coaching be a learning process? A learning towards it, is not known without measurable objectives, without to achieve productivity goals. A few productivity objectives which should then be evaluated. The bottom line is, that before talking about reconciliation and orientations, should propose a specific approach to increase productivity conditions. (5) This planning of the improvement of productivity can be achieved through a series of practical and specific measures such as: working conditions (conciliation with private life, management time and ergonomic conditions), technological changes (ICT, new tools and work processes and planning), modes of address (communication, new models of leadership techniques), psycho-social conditions (new concepts on the jobon society and on the production). Finally, it would be unfair among these factors, not to mention the individual conditions of each subject, regarding their self-perception as an individual capable of believing in himself and in his work. We believe that the future of the Coaching, such as socio-economic expertise of HR, should focus on the aspiration of improving productivity, both individuals and collectivities. And to this we could designate him as a performer and Executive Coaching. Appointments: (1) what Coaching is and how it works?.

Enrique de Mulder. President of Hay-Group. the coach is a moral authority which support able to teach him to fish rather than to give him fish. (2) Coaching services commonly used in companies, when it is necessary to implement a process of change of culture within the organization. (3) The coach. Ignacio Gomez Escobar. July 2005. Igomeze consultants. Support in Marketing, market research group. And (4) Jorge field. Pseudo scientific therapies: some signs of danger. In (5) conciliation involves productivity. Javier quarry. Human Coaching Director. In other bibliographical resources: the supervision of the Coach.Carlos blacksmiths of the CuevasPresidente. Association Spanish Coaching and process consulting. The profile of the Coach in what Coaching is and how it works? in how can I convert in my own personal coach? 5 questions to discover what I am wrong.January 2009. In Coaching. Javier quarry. CEO of BLC Human Coaching a panorama of the chaotic world of coaching. Leonardo Ravier. In is personal productivity self help? Some reflections and productive blogs ranking update. Alfonso Alcantara. Training for enterprise performance and Coaching of John Whitmore.Pionero of professional coaching. Pascal Lancre in his Coaching training effective the commercial book, tries to establish keys to train a sales team.

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English Courses

English courses for adults – a service rather common in the education market today. English courses for adults offers almost every language center, department of foreign languages in education institutions. These English courses for adults are always in high demand. However, rarely putting a goal to learn English, considering other alternatives for training. Courses English for adults seem to be the best option for everyone learning.

But is it really? We will try to consider this issue in more detail. English courses for adults are not cheap. In this class conducted in group form. Often the person who wished to learn English, first choose English courses for adults and pay tuition. He thereby creates a motivation for chtobyzanimatsya gaining new knowledge and skills. English courses for adults are paid, so they must attend, otherwise the money spent in vain, to engage in a little tongue in order not to feel sorry for was the money spent and time. But is not rational to be very motivated to establish themselves and gain knowledge is much more intense and active, rather than pay someone who will just monitor you and strongly encourage the learning process? English courses for adults, as mentioned above, are not cheap. Typically, the cost is calculated from the number of training hours provided the curriculum. Only need to take into account that group lessons are designed to last a minimum of 5-6 persons, and the efforts of teachers were not designed to someone individually, but all at once.

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Paulo One

The education fits to develop this impetus of creator, must give chances so that the educandos are they themselves, to develop in them a critical conscience that the man allows to transform the reality. When a society is in constant change of its values, can affirm that we are in transistion, that is, we have to know what we were, what we are for knowing what we will be. The closed society is that one where the economic point of decision of a society is of it and inside of one another first society that is the one that has options, in exchange, the too much societies alone receives orders. It is a servile society where it has high index of illiteracy and total disinterest for the basic education of the adults. This society is very harmful for who wants to have a chance in the life.

A society is mentally ill when it does not have conscience of its proper one to exist, that is, when it intends outrem to imitate it, already he is not he himself. A mentally ill professional is a inautntico being, does not look at for the reality with personal criterion, but with other people’s eyes. Therefore an imaginary reality lives and not its proper objective reality. Any that either the historical moment where is the society, either of the viable one or the impracticable description, the paper of the social worker whom it opted to the change not it can be another seno to act and to reflect with the individuals with who works together with to acquire knowledge they of the real difficulties of its society. This implies the constant necessity of the social worker to extend its knowledge finally and, the impetus to move more to be.

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Ecuador Revolutionary

Nothing aristocrat the man, then, but imbuido (and perhaps compensated) in the slick model seeded by his prcer, that is to say, Santander, the one to smile to simulate the game of the daggers hidden behind the backs. A way brought by the hairs will be said to look itself like an aristocrat, of to look for the final acceptance. And model exerted time and time again against friendly his neighboring presidents, Hugo Chavez in first term, that took advantage of its good faith until it forced the insostenibilidad of the diplomatic relations. So that the things, for Colombian effects of pure chaste and stock, nothing have changed: the Venezuela of the revolutionary fights is the objective, since Colombia for not seeming to always think from by own mind but by the loan of interests and foreign preoccupations; and for it promises to become the country first in the world in military bases of another one, forcing to Venezuela the purchase also of military defensive equipments. Everything for the sake of the rupture of the nationalistic unit in the continent and its final territorial segmentation, as if the countries were just a gigantic mine of to be conquered resources and wealth, like in the old woman times. It considers satrapa Colombian arrived his moment from reaction when a current of revolutionary changes, of taking of brings back to consciousness social, it shakes to the continent; and when, consequently, the imperial presence of the USA begins to be fought and to be evacuated, militarily of Blanket, Ecuador, to mention the last chapter;when a coup d’etat takes root in Honduras, given by its extraopposite pure-blooded equals, on the base and compression of the symbolic message sent to the rest of the mortals, who are to learn lesson when seeing what it happens when the established powers are threatened; when until the initial Brazil of the sovereignties (promoted by Lula) it has had to fold to the northern pressure to omit to Venezuela and its lineamientos towards the Mercosur to accept the tutelaje of Washington.

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This is not guilt only of the Internet, but it has in it a determinative factor for the proliferation of the economy to vocabular. On the other hand, the abbreviation facilitates the communication of the interlocutors in terms of amount of information, eager to express what it feels in order to summarize its day-by-day or to consider something more in the field of virtual relationship. In this direction, it has little sensitivity on the part of who if express, seno the amount of subject that must be ingested by the interlocutors. Clearly that of this form we find many problems of communication, especially to know the intention of who speaks, but is a less true and more apparent trend to be. sensitivity to write the words in the aspect of the grammatical, essential rules for the selective tests, in this context, also is really is of the one practical most functional one, compelling all to study each time more the functioning of as to write the words correctly. this is bothering, therefore many times are not part of the communicative universe that many had had in the universe on-line. Considering that the abbreviations, as we saw, are basic and functional part of it speaks, the social context where they are used make in them to believe that new words could be formed e, why not, systemize in a possible ortogrfico agreement, in the well next future. Today, many do not know nor that the word ' ' estrupo' ' it is official, for example.

Therefore it is, ' ' estrupo' ' already it exists! The conditioning of the writing depends on its essence of direction, that says is it. Who knows in one day pretty is not ' ' liberadas' ' words as ' ' probrema' ' , ' ' chicrete' ' , or same all the words that have the sound of ' ' z' ' accurately they are written with the letter ' ' Z' ' , as well as that they possess the sound of ' ' x' ' they are written only with the letter ' ' x' ' , and ' ' abreviaes' ' , focus of our reflection is clearly inserted here, also in any official document. If proper Jose Saramago, who received the prize Nobel from Portuguese literature, made texts without punctuation, alleging an evolution in the form of lingustica expression, why not to consider these new trends of the language privileging more the idea that they can express of what the writing in itself, without a practical direction. The controversy also continues, the debate, but it is inevitable that to shorten it is an art of speaks. That the writing one day respects it. Wallas Cabral de Souza is Linguista for the USP and writer. Author of the book Now I learn Grammar, Interpretation and Writing. It was dedicated in developing new ways to inside understand the Grammar normative of one lingustica, practical and accessible conception.

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Language Specialists International

In one of our previous articles we discussed possibilities for improving language abroad for the youngest audience – children and students, who, despite their seeming independence, are unlikely to even themselves far removed from childhood. So far, we decided to attach children. And what do we, adults? On the one hand, and want to tighten up the language, so that there would be desirable – today from the knowledge of the language often depends on the promotion ladder. On the other – The newspapers are full of advertisements for summer schools exclusively for the younger generation – a maximum of college age. A good solution is to visit the specialized courses, teachers who are native speakers.

These services offer, for example, Club Native speakers in Moscow. But, certainly, and in smaller cities such courses exist today – would demand. But our present story is not about that – because we want improve language abroad? If so, then hurry to bring you good news – such a possibility exists for adults. In addition, international language schools – it is also a great opportunity to meet interesting people from different countries! If you are already out of college age, you can safely go to a foreign language school in the autumn – then you probably fall into the company of those who are over 25. For example, in the British Exeter Academy () mean age students – 32 years. In school, English in Chester () in the town of Chester in northern England – 22 years. This is a ballpark figure, and the situation varies depending on season and type of courses.

In the autumn the best season start for those who have left the student age. In the summer of foreign language schools are filled with schoolchildren and students that improve foreign language during the holidays. In the fall of the youth audience back to universities and for the party. And comes the turn of a completely different audience – the adults who come to study English, French or German during your vacation. The average age of people enrolled in this time of year, from 30 to 50 years. Although there are both 17 – and 50-year-olds. Virtually all Linguistic Center offers several training options: – General English (or German, Spanish, Italian, …). This type of course is most popular – are learning together – and freshmen and seniors. – Courses preparation for international language exams (IELTS, TOEFL, DELE, etc.). – Specialized courses aimed at developing professional vocabulary (medical, legal, etc.). The public is therefore older – usually specialists with higher education. – Executive-program, there are courses for supervisors. Group is smaller (4 – 6 people, instead of 8-12) and topics related to communication. According to statistics, school Language Specialists International in Portsmouth, UK (, courses General English average age of students – 25 years (minimum – 18 years). And on the Executive-program anyone younger than 25 years did not even take! Average age – 35 – 45 years, primarily middle managers and senior managers of international companies and government agencies in different countries.

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